How do I manage repairs?

Managing repairs can be a hectic job. Find out in detail on how you can manage repair problems, add a new repair or update pricing by watching this video!


Q. What is the difference between repairs and parts?
Repairs represents overall cost that you quote a customer whereas parts represents components which are required to fix corresponding cell phone issues. In order for RepairDesk to work out profit earned on each repair ticket you should add service under "device detail" and add part under "ticket items"   

Q. I want to delete an item from one store only. Is it possible?
Yes. Just click on the Action button against a repair item and click on Remove from Store. It will remove the item from the existing store. 

Q. Can I remove multiple items from a store?
A. Definitely. Select the repair items and click on the big Action button at the top. Click on Remove From This Store Only. 

Q. What's the difference between Delete and Remove from Store?
A. Delete option will completely remove the item from all stores whereas Remove from store will only remove the item from the current store and it may be available on other stores. 

Q. How do I create repair bundles?
You can create a repair bundle while adding a new repair item or updating an existing one. Just go to the Create Bundle field. Click and select individual or multiple accessories and parts and hit Save button. Now, these parts are bundled with the selected repair. 

while creating repair bundles only those parts will be populated which are attached to manufacturer or device added against that repair.

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