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πŸ’¬ Special Part Order

Watch this video to learn how to create special part order using RepairDesk!

Q. Can I accept deposit for special part order?

A. Checkout the help article here that talks about how to accept deposits. 

Q. If I have created a Purchase order against a special part, can I receive that part by just adding the receive date?

A. If you have created a Purchase order then you need to create GRN otherwise the part will not be marked as received and you can not complete the process.

You can either click on purchase order reference and move to specify purchase order or you can add GRN from the manage purchase order.

Q.Is there any option to create a special order for Products?

A. Yes you can add special order for products as well, you can either create a PO for that product or directly receive them from a third party.

Q. Is there any option to create special orders from existing items?

A. Yes you can create a special order for existing parts and products only if their on-hand stock is zero.

Q. Can I delete any special order item?

A. Yes you can delete the special order item if it's not received. once the special order item is marked as received then you can not delete it.

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