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How does the inventory section work?

Managing your inventory has never been this easy! With RepairDesk you can organize your accessories and parts, manage trade in devices and keep a record of miscellaneous casual items. 
Watch the video below to see the module in action

A. Mobile, Accessories & Parts
Simply organize and manage mobile phones and cell phone parts
1. Go to Inventory tab and select Manage Inventory>> Mobile, Accessories & Parts.
2. Edit type, name, in stock quantity, price and cost on any item from the list. 
3. Click on Action button against each item for option to Update, Delete, Clone or Remove From Store
4. To add an item, click on the Add Product button. 
5. Enter product info, stock inventory and prices for newly added items in their respective section. 
6. Click on Save item to store the item in inventory database. 

B. Trade In Devices
Keep a track of contract free or refurbished cell phones sold to or purchased from customers
1. Edit a trade in device's name, IMEI, price, cost and sale status from trad-in device listing
2. Add a trade-in device by clicking on the Add Product button
3. Enter seller and device details and hit Create
4. Click on Action button against each item to Update, Delete, Clone or Remove from Store. 

C. Casual
Record miscellaneous or casual items and manage them.  
1. Edit name, price and cost of an existing casual item from the listing. 
2. Add a casual item by entering details and price and finally clicking on Create.
3. Click on Action button against each item to Update, Delete, Clone or Remove from Store.

Watch this video to learn more about inventory management using RepairDesk!


Q. Can I delete multiple items at once?
Sure. Just select the items by ticking on their check boxes, click on the action button at the top and click on Delete Selected Items. Alternatively you can select Remove From This Store Only option. 

Q. From where can I add or view manufacturers and devices?
A. Click on the main Action button at the top and select View All Manufacturers to view and edit manufacturers and click on View All Devices to edit and view device models. 

Q. How to add multiple items in inventory at once?
A. You can add multiple items via Import Inventory functionality. To learn more about it, click here

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