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RepairDesk Forms


RepairDesk Forms help you build out a custom flow to embed in your website or use it in your shop to capture Leads or Tickets. It allows you to create your own steps as per your requirements. 

Access this widget from Integrations>Widgets>RepairDesk Forms as shown below:

Getting Started

With the RepairDesk Forms, you have the flexibility to design various flows to suit different scenarios. To begin, simply select the option to create a new widget flow.

Once you have named your new widget, you will be taken to the page where you can begin adding steps to your widget flow. You can see the following things at this page:

  1. Steps that you can add to your flow as per your choice.
  2. Live URL which will be public facing that your customers will use to access your widget flow.
  3. Iframe code with which you can embed your widget flow directly in your company website. 
  4. Create a ticket or lead once your customer completes the widget flow. To help differentiate which leads or tickets come from each flow, the Ticket/Lead reference ID will be appended to the ticket or lead.

The steps that can be added to your form will have additional settings that can be configured. The following shows the breakdown of steps including an example of what the step will look like to your customers.

Custom HTML

This step allows you to add any HTML to your flow. In this example, it has been used as a welcome page.

Here is what your customer will see:

Repair Categories

This will show you a populated list of categories that you usually deal with. You can always add the option of other to provide flexibility to your customers, in case their category does not fall under the populated list.

Your customers can choose the category as per their requirement:


This will show you a populated list of brands according to the categories you selected. You can always add the option of other to provide flexibility to your customers, in case their brand does not fall under the populated list.

Your customers can choose the brand as per their requirement:


This will give you the option of a search bar. Since there are a lot of models so you have been given the option to choose search bar. This way if the model is in your system, your customer can search it and add. However, if the model is not in your system, they can add it manually.

Here is what the customers will see upon landing on the models page.

In case the model is not included, your customer can search it or add it manually.

Customer Details

You can choose what details you want your customers to add. The checkbox will allow you to add the particular detail whereas the “Required” toggle will allow you to make that detail mandatory.

Here is what the customers will see:

Terms and Conditions with Signature

You can customize your terms and conditions according to your need. Signature can also be added in the flow. The choice to keep signature mandatory is also given.

The customers can see this flow like this:

Custom Form

Custom Form will allow you to create your own form that fits your need. To illustrate, the example of “Problem” has been given which we’ve selected to be a Text area. You can also add placeholder text for any instruction for your customers.

You can add Field Name, Field Type, Mandatory, Full Width, Attachment to your form.

Here is what the customer will see:


To manage your inbound shipping, you can allow your customers to generate shipping labels through RepairDesk forms. 
There are some pre-requisites for generating a shipping label for your customers:
  1. Customer details step is mandatory.
  2. Address, City and Postcode need to be included in the customer details.
  3. You can not delete customer details as this step is dependent on it.
Note: Shipping is only available for tickets.


Add a shipping title for your shipping step. A default title will already be given. However, if you wish to add your own you may edit it. 

Shipping Instructions

In order to add shipping instructions, click on the checkbox. 

Shipping Methods

The shipping methods will be populated from your ShipStation account. You can choose to add the shipping service and package of your choice. You need to also add weight and unit as it is mandatory to generate a shipping label. 

Shipping Label

Click on the checkbox to allow your customers to generate a shipping label.

Note: Please note that you will be charged every time the customer generates a label.

Here is what your customers will see:

Shipping label will be generated once your customers complete the form. 

Note: You need to configure a ShipStation account to manage your inbound shipping with RepairDesk forms.


Utilise this feature to effortlessly incorporate repair services into your forms, allowing your customers to conveniently select the specific services they need. 

This step includes the following options:
  • Title: Add a service title. A default title will already be given. However, if you wish to add your own you may edit it.
  • Show Search Bar: Lets you display repair services against brands and models for your customers.
  • Service Charges: You can also allow customers to your see service charges 

Display for your customers:

Note: In case of multi-store, please select store first to display services according to your store. 

Store Selection

If you have more than one stores, you can add this option by adding longitudes and latitudes so customers can add the relevant store in the flow.

The display that your customers will see:


Here, you can do two things:

  1. You can customize your confirmation message and check your ticket reference which will transfer you to the customer portal. From customer portal you can check the details you filled in. You can also generate a ticket label for your reference.
  2. You can redirect the customer to the website by adding URL.

The Confirmation Message:

Once the steps are configured, you can drag the steps as shown below with that icon and click “Save”.

Theme Color

You can add colors to your flow to assist your branding element especially for your website. Theme colors apply to all forms.

Forms Listing

This is how the forms will look like. The drop down will help you edit your widget name, customize email templates for both admin and customer and copy iframe and URL in case you missed it while configuring the steps.

Email templates

An automated email will be sent with Ticket/Lead Reference ID to both the customers and the admin.

The following shows the customizable email templates for both the admin and customers. Each widget flow will have a separate email template.

Email template for admin:

Email template for customer:

Introducing Payments in RepairDesk Forms

This feature enables you to receive payments directly from your customers through RepairDesk forms, streamlining the payment process and ensuring a smoother customer experience. Please note that this payment feature is integrated for tickets but not for leads.

Getting Started with Payment Integration

  1. Access RepairDesk Forms Integration: First, navigate to the RepairDesk forms integration section within your account. This area allows you to manage and customize your forms.

2. Select a Widget Flow: Choose the widget flow you wish to add a payment method to. Click on the specific flow to open its configuration options.

3. Add Payments Widget: Within the widget flow, find and add the "Payments" widget. This addition is crucial for integrating the payment feature into your form.

4. Edit Payments:

- Click on the "Payments" widget you've just added to start configuring it.
Title of Payment: Provide a title for the payment section. This title will be visible to your customers and should clearly indicate the payment's purpose.
-  Payment Instructions (Optional): If you wish to include specific instructions for payment, you can add them here. This step is not compulsory but can be helpful for clarifying the payment process to your customers.

5. Payment Configuration:
    • Access the "Configurations" section to set up your payment options.
    • Payment Method: The payment method configured in your settings (e.g., 'RD Pay') will be applied here.
    • Payment Type: Decide how you want to collect payment. You have two options:
      • Flat Deposit Amount: Specify a flat amount that you wish to collect upfront.
      • Based on Service Charges: Opt to collect a payment based on a percentage of the service charges.
    • Mandatory Payment: Choose whether to make the payment mandatory for your customers. This option can be toggled on or off according to your preference.
    • Save Your Settings: After configuring your payment settings, click "Save" to apply the changes. Your form is now set up to receive payments from your customers.
The Customer side payment screen will look like this

After Successful Payment, customer screen will give a success message

Your RepairDesk POS will prompt a notification of received payment.


Q - Is it different than appointments module?

A - Yes, it is more flexible since it offers more customization.

Q - Can we make more than one flow in RepairDesk Forms?

A - Yes, you can create as many flows as you like.

Q - Will the customer be notified once they fill the flow?

A - Yes, an automated email will be generated which will be sent to the customer.

Q - Can our customers see it in the customer portal?

A - Yes, the customers can view the details of their ticket only in the customer portal if it is enabled.

Q - Can we add images to brands and models?

A - Yes, you can add images to brands and models. It will automatically be populated in RepairDesk Forms' display.

Q - How will the details be shown in our system?

A - You can go to the tickets or leads section at RepairDesk and search the lead/ticket with their reference ID. The details will be shown by clicking the Ticket/Lead ID where popup will appear with all the details. After that, you can convert the details to an estimate or an invoice.

Q - Can I add the steps according to my requirement in the form?

A - Yes, you have the choice to add the steps as per your requirement. However, if you wish to add the step or detail that is not present in our steps, you can create that through our Custom Form.

Q - Can i map the information of custom form in the tickets?

A - Yes, you can view the custom form information in the tickets. Moreover, you can edit the information as well as shown below:

Note: Custom form mapping is only available for tickets. Not valid for leads. 

Q - Can i include more than two attachments in the custom form?

A - Yes, you can include more than two attachments in the custom form and view them in the ticket or lead. The following image shows how it will look like for your customers:

Q - Can i map the information of services in the tickets?

A - Yes, it will be mapped in the ticket as shown below under 'Device Issue' column.

Q - How can i identify the package of the customer that i will receive in the inbound shipping label? 

A - The label will include Customer Name and Ticket Reference as shown below:

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