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What is Employee Activity Log?


The purpose of the Employee Activity Log in RepairDesk is to help owners monitor and track the activities of their employees. This log allows owners to maintain a record of all employee activities, providing them with a clear picture of their team's performance and productivity.

1. Report Search Filters:

RepairDesk provides various search filters within the Employee Activity Log report to facilitate efficient data retrieval. Some of these filters include:

  • Store: Select a specific store or multi-select stores to view activities of employees in those locations.
  • Employee: Search and track the activities of individual employees or select multiple employees for analysis.
  • From Date: Filter activities based on a specific starting date.
  • To Date: Filter activities based on a specific ending date.
  • Action: Filter activities based on specific actions performed by employees, such as login, log out, start shift, end shift, add inventory, update inventory, etc.
  • Day/Week/Month: Choose to view activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

2. Report Columns:

The Employee Activity Log report presents information in the following columns:

  • Date: Displays the date of the employee activity.
  • IP: Shows the IP address associated with the activity.
  • Store: Indicates the store where the activity took place.
  • Employee: Displays the name of the employee involved in the activity.
  • Email: Specifies the email address of the employee.
  • Action: Describes the specific action performed by the employee (e.g., log in, log out, start shift, end shift, etc.).
  • Event Log: Provides detailed information about the event, such as the starting time of a shift at a specific register in a particular store.

Key Takeaway:

The Employee Activity Log feature in RepairDesk empowers owners to effectively monitor and track the activities of their employees. By providing detailed reports and uneditable records, this tool enables owners to maintain an accurate log, ensuring transparency and accountability within their business. Use the various search filters and report columns to easily retrieve and analyze relevant data, ultimately optimizing productivity and performance.

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