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What is Employee Activity Log?

Keeping track of employee activities can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack. This becomes even a larger problem when you have multiple store locations and several employees working in them. 

To facilitate you regarding this matter, RepairDesk has launched an exciting feature called Employee Activity Log. With the help of Employee Activity Log, you can monitor and track employee activities while using RepairDesk; from when an employee logged in to when an inventory item was added, all activities are tracked and a log is maintained.

How Can I Access Employee Productivity Log?

To access Employee Productivity Log, click on Reports on RepairDesk's menu bar. 

On Multi Store Report, select a store location, to view reports for the selected store location.

Scroll down to Employee Reports section and click on Employee Activity Log.

Here you can view a log of all activities performed by employees such as when they logged in, when they updated settings, created ticket, updated inventory etc.

You can also view employee activities on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. Simply click on the tabs on the top right corner to toggle view between daily, weekly or monthly activities. 

You can also narrow down your search by selecting criteria such as:
Store: View employee activities in a particular store or he can select multiple stores in order to view all data.
Employee: Track activities of a particular employee
From Date: View activities starting from a specific date
To Date: View employee activities up to a particular date. 

Once done, click on Search button to display relevant results. 

Q. Can any entry in Employee Activity Log be deleted or updated?
A. No. The purpose of Employee Activity Log is to track all activities performed by employees. No record can be edited or deleted, giving you an exact picture of what your employees are doing. 

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