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Reusely Integration With RepairDesk

As a repair shop selling pre-owned devices, your buyback program can bring your shop higher revenue, increased customer loyalty, and more traffic to your store.

With Reusely you'll get a trade-in widget that will allow your customers to get a real-time offer in seconds and collect these leads so you can track the success of your trade-in program over time. Moreover, with the price sync option you can select a pricing source, set your margins, and never worry about pricing your buybacks ever again.

Integration Scope

With Reusely Integration with RepairDesk, once you mark the device as completed in Reusely, all the information is transferred to RepairDesk. If the device needs refurbishment, you can create a refurbishment ticket. You can learn more about Refurb tickets here

Enabling Reusely Integration

1. Log in to your Reusely account and click on the add-ons. 

2. To enable the integration, Click settings and turn the toggle on. 

3. In your RepairDesk account, go to store settings and copy the API key.

4. Once the api key is copied, paste it to your Reusely account and enable the integration.

Adding widget to your website

To get started navigate to the Widget Settings page in Reusely. 

Here, you will find the code (as shown below) that you will copy/paste into your website in order to deploy your buyback widget. You can go ahead and copy/paste this code onto your webpage to begin receiving buyback leads from your website. To understand this more, you can check their user guide. 

Using Reusely Integration with RepairDesk

1. Click “Start Mail-in Buyback”.

2. You can either create a new customer or choose an existing one and click Continue.

3. Choose a payout method and click Continue.

4. Enter your trade-in device details.

This is how your screen will look once the details have been added. Click Continue to proceed further.

5. Once the status is completed, the device information, customer information and trade-in value will be synced with RepairDesk.

6. Go to Inventory, and Click Trade-In. You can see all the details of the transaction as shown below.


Q - Can I use Reusely for multiple locations?

A - Yes, you can use it for multiple locations.

Q - Is my website supported?

A - The widget utilizes an iframe code that can be integrated into any website, irrespective of the hosting or content management system employed. Locate the "</html>" block within your website builder and insert the iFrame code. You can place the block wherever you want the widget to be shown.

Q- Can the widget be shown on multiple pages of my website?

A- Yes, you can place the iframe code in multiple pages and the widget will be displayed in those pages.

Q - Can I change the colors of the website?

A - Yes. You can edit the colors in the widget setting to match the branding of your website.

Q - Can I edit which phones and/or brands are in the widget?

A - In the widget, you can enable which brands you want to show in your widget. You can disable a particular brand or some devices, so it won’t be shown in the widget.

Q - Can I change the flow in Reusely?

A - Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the flow at this moment.

Q - Is Reusely free?

A - Reusely is an integration partner of RepairDesk. All billings and other details are managed by them. You can view their plans here.

Q - Which plan supports the integration with RepairDesk?

A - All the plans of Reusely support the integration with RepairDesk. Just visit the integration page, locate the RepairDesk logo, and paste the Private API Key.

Q - Is there a free version of Reusely?

A - Reusely offers 14 days free trial which can be availed by visiting their website.

Q - How can I move a recently purchased trade-in item to inventory section?

A - Please go to this link to know about the transfer of trade-in item to inventory section.

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