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RepairDesk Appointments Booking Widget

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You can now add online appointment bookings to your website by simply integrating the RepairDesk Appointment Calendar widget.

With the Appointment Calendar widget, you'll be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Business owners can now define device color, types of services provided (pick up, mail-in, walk-in, onsite repair), appointment intervals & set business hours.
  • Customers can view available time slots and book appointments with just a few clicks. It’s simple, effective, intuitive and quick.
  • Get instant email and SMS reminders for every appointment you book. Say goodbye to missed appointments!
  • The widget is responsive, and scales to both larger screens and mobile devices.
  • It’s FREE! No strings attached :)
  • UPDATE: Collect crucial location details with ease using the "State and Country Fields" in the appointment widget, now allowing users to gather essential information directly from their customers.

How to set up the Appointment Calendar Widget

1. Head to your Store Settings, select Integrations, and then the Appointment Calendar Widget.

2.  Click on the Design Example tab to see how the widget will display over your website.

3. Select the Configuration tab to set up the widget. The following settings can be made from this window:
  1. You can either enable Time Window or Time Slot. These timings would be available for customer appointments. 
  2. Click on Add Break to consider working breaks each day. These timings would not be available for customer appointments. Select start, end or available time window from appointments for each day.
  3. Select a Appointment Interval from the drop-down menu. This is the amount of time between appointments.   
  4. Define service offerings, e.g. Mail-In, Walk-In, Onsite Repair or Pick up.

4. Under the Advanced Configuration tab, you can customize or translate success messages. 

5. Want to schedule a time for business closures, time off and vacations? Set unavailable slots from the Holidays tab.

6. Click on the Unavailable button. Enter the duration of unavailability and notes for unavailable slots, then click Save.

Installing the widget on your website

Use the following steps to install the Appointment Calendar widget on your website:

1. Click on the Generate iFrame Code button to receive your iFrame code. This is an HTML code that we will use on your website.

2. The pop-up screen will show you the iFrame Code. You can use the iFrame Code for multiple store locations as well. 

3. After clicking on the ‘Multi Store with Map’ radio button, the information of the stores will be listed below, where you will need to enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of your stores to locate them on the map widget.  

Note: The location of those stores will be shown on the map, against whom the latitude and longitude is set.   

4. Now create a blank HTML page on your website called "book repair".
5. Copy and paste the iFrame code inside the source tab of WYSIWYG editor on your website. Consult your website administrator if you have any issues. 

Appointment Booking Process

1. Once you've successfully configured the Appointment Calendar widget on your website, your customer will be able to walk through the following steps to book an appointment with you.

a. Select Repair Type

b. Select Repair Category

Note: Please note that point a and b are based on following two configurations settings. These fields will show up only if the following triggers under Configurations settings (as discussed above) are enabled.

c. Select Manufacturer

d. Select Model

You can also search for a specific device model using the search bar provided.

e. Select Color

f. Select Problem

g. Select type

h. Select the date and time for Appointment

i. By hitting Next, the customer will be asked to enter his details

j. Your customer will receive a success message as shown below

At the same time, you will receive a notification message in RepairDesk that a new lead has been generated, with the lead details visible in the message. Once the appointment is scheduled and confirmed, both the customer and the admin will be notified via email / SMS.  

While making a lead from the Appointment Calendar widget, we can also add multiple devices for the repair. The same procedure will be followed for adding a device.

Leads generated through the Appointment Calendar widget are available in the Manage Leads section under Repairs.

At any point, if you would like to convert the lead to a repair ticket, simply click on the status label and mark it as WON.

Appointment Booking Process for Multi Store with Map

1. Once you've successfully configured the Appointment Calendar widget (Multi Store with Map) on your website, the customer will be able to walk through the following steps to book an appointment.


a. Select Repair Type

b. Select Repair Category 


c. Select Manufacturer 


d. Select Model 


e. Select Problem 


f. Select Store 

 Your customer will be shown all your stores in the scroll bar. They can click on the current location button adjacent to the search bar and find the nearest store depending on their location. They can search through the listed stores and select the store from the list as well. They will be shown only those stores on the map that have their latitude and longitude set.


If the user’s website is secured (https), their customer will be able to search the nearest store by clicking on the current location button.

If the user’s website is not secured, their customer cannot search the nearest store via the current location button. They have to manually search the location in case of an unsecured website (http). This is a limitation from Google.

g. Select Type

h. Select Date and Appointment 

i. By hitting Next, the customer will be asked to enter their details 


j. Your customer will receive a success message as shown below 

The lead will be created in the selected store after completing the steps.  

Accept Payments Option in Appointment Calendar

Great news for the US based users! The Accept Payments tab in Appointment Calendar allows you to do online appointment bookings in RepairDesk. To make your payments easier, we have added a payment option in the Appointment Calendar, so your customers can make the payments online. To use this option, you must have an account with RepairDesk Pay! 

To use this option, please follow these steps.

1. Enable the payment option by answering the first question as 'Yes'.

2. After answering the first question as 'Yes', the other questions will appear. If you have an account with RepairDesk Pay, your customers will be able to make an online payment. If you don't have an account with RepairDesk Pay, you'll have to create one and then this option will be used by your customers.

3. After you have saved the changes, follow the same steps as described above for making a lead. Your customer will be shown the following screen when filling the information.

4. After filling the details and clicking on 'Pay & Book Appointmentbutton, your customer will be redirected to the Blockchyp Payment page, where they will enter their card details.

Your customer will be shown the Terms and Conditions on this screen as well, which you have set up in your RepairDesk Pay settings. You can change the terms and conditions from the RepairDesk Pay page.

5. The customer will be shown a success message after filling out all the details. 

6. You will receive a notification on RepairDesk for the payment through which you can view the invoice and ticket for the generated lead.

7. You will receive a confirmation email for payment received. Your customer will also receive an email for the payment made. The customer's email will look like this, where they can Download and Print the invoice if they want.

Note: The email (sent to customers) for every category will be different. Currently you cannot change the content of the emails.


Q. Where can I view leads generated via the Appointment Calendar Widget?

A. Whenever a customer books a repair via the Appointment Calendar Widget, you will receive a notification on RepairDesk. You can view them in the Manage Leads section. To know more about the Manage Leads section, check out this article.   

Q. Is there any option to select the category as well while creating an appointment?

A. Yes. There is a trigger under the Configuration tab to enable repair categories on the Appointment Calendar widget.

Once you enable the trigger, the Repair Category will be shown on the Appointment Calendar widget.

Q. How can I translate the widget in other languages?

If you would like to translate the Appointment Calendar widget in your primary language, please head to Settings >> Integrations >> Language Editor and click Edit.

Now click on the Appointment Calendar widget, edit the translation, and once you are done, hit Save All. 

Q. How can I add the device color?

A. If you'd like your customers to specify which color their device is, you'll first need to set it up a bit. Head to Inventory >> Manage Inventory >> Manage Services >> Repairs & click on
Manage Devices under the Action menu. 

Now click on Edit to open up the device details and add a color in the Colors section.

Q. Can I set a custom background color for the top bar of the Appointment Calendar?

A. Yes. You can select custom colors for the top selection bar. Simply go to the Configuration page, and at the end, you can select the colors for the selection bar.

Q. Which languages are supported by RepairDesk?

A. As of now, RepairDesk supports 20 languages. To know more about our Language Editor and translate sections into your desired language, please click here.   

Q. Can I display price excluding tax?

A. Yes. RepairDesk allows you to show price without tax to a lead when they are booking an appointment. To display price without tax, follow these steps:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Head to Integrations.
3. Open Appointment Calendar Widget. 
4. Under the Configurations tab, activate trigger to "Display Price Without Tax".
5. Hit Save.

Now when a lead selects a repair, its price will be shown without tax.

Please ensure that you've mentioned that the price is without tax in the canned response. To set this up:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Email Notifications.
3. Open Canned Responses. 
4. Update the canned response 
:" New Lead # {OrderId} for {Device} {Problem}}'
5. Explicitly mention that this is the price without tax. 
6. Hit Save 

Now when a customer books a repair appointment or receives an email, they should be able to see that the price is tax-exclusive. 

Q. How can I create an estimate?

A. To learn how to create an estimate, please click here

Q. How can I track my leads in Google Analytics via the Appointment Calendar Widget?

A. Curious to know how you can track your leads coming from Appointment Calendar Widget in Google Analytics? It's quite simple. Let us show you how. 

1. Setup Google Analytics on your website. 

2. Open Appointment Calendar Widget. Head to Advanced Configuration, click on Source and Paste your Google Analytics Tracking Code in the mentioned space in the attached screenshot. 

3. Click on Save Changes button. 

4. Now go to Google Analytics >> Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages. Copy the Thanks page URL of your website and paste it in the search bar. 

5. Select Secondary Dimension >> Acquisition >> Source/ Medium. Here you can see if the lead source is organic, paid, social or referral etc. 

Q.How triggers work in appointment calendar configuration?

A. There are different triggers with different functionalities, following are the details regarding each trigger:
1.Enable Color Pickup
Enabling this trigger will allow you to select color of the device/item, which user has associated with while making item. Disabling this trigger will remove the option to select color for device.

2.Enable on-site price
Enabling this trigger will allow the option of on-site price for the appointment .

3.Enable Pick up Price
This trigger allows picking price for device if user select pick up device option.

4.Enable warranty repair
Enabling this trigger will allow user to select while making lead that either its a simple repair or warranty repair. This is just task type and it has nothing to do with warranty module in repair desk.

5.Enable Lead approval
Enabling this trigger will allow user to approve or close lead generated from appointment calendar.

6.Mandatory all customer detail fields
Enabling this trigger will restrict user to fill all the data in the fields regarding their detail.

7.Customer email is not required
If the above trigger is disabled only then-current trigger will work.

8. Customer mobile is required
 If the above trigger is disabled only then-current trigger will work. 
9. Hide price on Widgets
Enabling this trigger will hide price from appointment widget.

10.Display  price without tax
Enabling this trigger will display price without tax on the appointment widget.

11. Send SMS to a customer when lead is generated
Enabling this trigger will allow system to send SMS to customers once the lead is generated.

12. Pick phone number in any format
The system has a predefined format for phone number but enabling this trigger will allow adding phone number in any format

13. Pick device security code
This trigger allows adding security code for the device.

14. Send SMS to the customer on the appointment day
This trigger allows the system to send SMS to the customer on appointment day in order to remind them.

Q. My website is developed using Wordpress. How can I install Appointment calendar widget on my website?

A. To install appointment calendar widget on WordPress site, what you need to do is Open Admin Panel and while adding any new page, you can copy and paste the iframe code in the text editor of the page as shown below.

Hit Save and you are ready to use appointment calendar widget on your word press website. Also, you can link up this page to any menu or sidebar to directly open the appointment calendar widget with just one click.

Q. Is there any way to show sale price and retail price on the appointment widget?
A.yes you can show both the prices at once, you just need to enable trigger from appointment widget configuration.

Once you enable this trigger both sale and the retail price will be displayed on the widget.

Q. Is there any way that I could change the image for service type?
A. yes you can change the image just by clicking on the image, the user can upload images up to 2MB , but once he removes the uploaded image then default images will be displayed again.
once you click on the image a popup appears where the user can upload a new image.

Q. How can I restrict user to add IMEI/Serial for the device while booking from the appointment calendar?

A. You simply need to activate the trigger from the Appointment calendar configuration tab, based on that user cannot save until he enters IMEI or serial for the device.  

Q. What if my website is not secured and I’m using the Multi Store with Map option?

A. Your customer won’t be able to use the current location button. They will have to manually select the store. For your customer to use the current location button, your website must be secured. This is a limitation from Google (since Google API is used in this feature).

Q. What will happen if I have not specified latitude and longitude and I am using the Multi Store with Map option on my website?

A. Your customer will not be able to view the location of stores on the map. To view the location on the map, you have to enter latitude and longitude against the stores.

Q. Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude automatically based on the location?

A. Currently you have to search for the latitudes and longitudes for yourself and enter them manually.

Q. Can the map option be used for Single store?

A. No. This option is valid for Multi stores only.

Q. Is there a way to find latitude and longitude for a location?

A. Yes, it’s possible. Since we have used Google’s API, you can go on Google maps and search for your store location. Right click on the location and click on ‘What’s here?’ You will see the address and latitude longitude for the searched location. For more information, please click here.

Q. Is the Payment Option only available for US customers?

A. Yes! Currently, the Accept Payments tab will be shown to the US-based customers only. To use this option, you must have an account with RepairDesk Pay. If you don't have an account with RepairDesk Pay, please click here.

Q. What if the customer don't want to make an online payment?

A. For that, they'll have to click on the Pay Later button after filling the details.

Q. Will an invoice will be created after the customer has made the payment?

A. Yes! A paid invoice and a ticket along with a lead will also be generated. The customer will receive emails as well (if they are enabled from Emails and Notifications). their any option that Lead Id can be displayed once the customer creates an appointment?

A. Yes, you can show Lead ID to your customer when he creates an appointment. you need to set Lead Id tag from the Advance Configuration in the success page templates.

Q: Is there any that I can restrict user from creating new device issues while booking appointments via widget?
A: yes you can restrict users from creating new device issues while booking appointments. we have a trigger, an appointment calendar configuration that restricts users to create a new problem by enabling it the user will not able to create a new device issue.

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