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How can I setup Repair Tracker Widget?

Customers can now check repair status from your website via RepairDesk's Repair Tracker Widget by entering their ticket ID & Last Name. 

In order to setup Repair Tracker Widget on your website, kindly follow these steps:

1. Create a web page on your website where the Repair Tracker Widget will operate. 
2. Go to Store Settings >> Integrations >> Repair Tracker in RepairDesk. 
3. Click on the highlighted area in the screenshot ("Click Here" link) to generate the iFrame Code

4. A pop up screen will display the iFrame Code. Embed it on the web page of your website. Copy it inside your website FCK Editor (source tab)

That's it. Now your customers can track repair status by entering Ticket ID and Last Name.

We advise all customers to add repair tracker link on ticket receipt footer. 

Customer will also have the option to download the above invoice in PFD format.

Note: Multi store users can create multiple pages on their website and place iFrame code as shown on this link.   


Q. Can I translate this in my primary language?

A. Yes, certainly, you can use the language editor to translate it into any language. To know more about this feature and translate sections into your desired language, please click here.     

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