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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Getting Started with RepairDesk
  2. Tickets 

    1. How does ticket section works?
    2. How to create a repair ticket?
    3. How does RepairDesk calculate profit on a repair?
    4. How to copy the original ticket notes into the warranty repair ticket?
    5. How Can I Export Repair Tickets To Excel Format?
  3. Inventory Management 

    1. How to set flag notes for the services?
    2. How do I manage repairs?
    3. How does the inventory section work?
    4. How To Add Multiple SKU's?
    5. How Can I Import Multiple Inventory Items in RepairDesk ?
  4. POS (Point Of Sale) 

    1. How does the POS section work?
    2. Cash Drawer
    3. Create quick repair ticket using POS
    4. How to create invoice for an existing repair ticket using POS
    5. How can I process refund/exchange in RepairDesk?
  5. Invoices 

    1. How can I manage invoices in RepairDesk?
    2. How do I create an invoice from ticket screen?
    3. Single payment for multiple invoices
    4. How can I Add Terms & Conditions on Receipts, Invoices and Signatures?
    5. Enter Access PIN before creating an invoice or adding a payment
  6. Purchase Order 

    1. How Can I Create a New Purchase Order?
    2. How can I edit an existing purchase order?
    3. Where can I view and manage all of my purchase orders?
    4. How to Receive Partial Stock and create a Goods Received Note?
  7. Payment Integrations 

    1. How to Use RepairDesk Payments
    2. RepairDesk Integration With Square Terminal
    3. How to process payments through Paymentsense in RepairDesk?
    4. Tyro Integrated EFTPOS for RepairDesk
    5. How to start accepting credit card payments with Stripe?
  8. Reports 

    1. Difference in Sales Reports
    2. Sales Reports
    3. Multi-Store Report
    4. Sales Summary Report
    5. Register Sales
  9. Employees 

    1. How to Add an Employee Account?
    2. How do I set Employee Roles and Permissions in RepairDesk?
    3. Employee Dashboard
    4. What is Employee Activity Log?
    5. How to update personal profile or change access pin?
  10. Integrations 

    1. Reusely Integration With RepairDesk
    2. Customer Portal
    3. How to Setup Internal Wiki in RepairDesk?
    4. MobileSentrix Integration For US & Canada
    5. RepairDesk RingCentral Integration
  11. Vendor Integrations 

    1. Injured Gadgets Integration
    2. VoiceComm Integration
    3. Wholesale Gadget Parts Integration
    4. Repair Outlet Integration
    5. Nexus Cellular Integration
  12. Settings & Configurations 

    1. How to display time in 12 or 24 hour format in RepairDesk?
    2. Dual Tax Rate Support For Canada & Peru
    3. How to Add Payment Method?
    4. Two Factor Authentication Process in RepairDesk
    5. How can I update account password?
  13. Hardware & Cloud Print 

    1. Recommended Hardware for RepairDesk
    2. How can I use PrintNode?
    3. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Setup
    4. How to setup printer to open cash drawer automatically?
    5. How To Setup Cash Drawers If I Am Using Mac?
  14. Widgets 

    1. RepairDesk Appointments Booking Widget
    2. Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Devices Using BuyBack Widget
    3. Customer Self Service Check-In Widget
    4. How can I setup Repair Tracker Widget?
    5. Taking Customer Signatures Through Customer Facing Display
  15. Productivity 

    1. πŸŽ“ Zapier
    2. ⚑ How to connect RepairDesk with Zapier and automate Legwork
  16. Ecommerce 

    1. How to setup Shopify Integration in RepairDesk?
    2. How To Set Up WooCommerce Integration in RepairDesk?
  17. Accounting 

    1. How to Integrate Xero with RepairDesk?
    2. How Can I Integrate QuickBooks with RepairDesk?
  18. Customers 

    1. How do I add a new customer?
    2. How can I edit customer details?
    3. How do I manage customers?
    4. How to Import/Export Customer List?
    5. Custom Fields Against Customers
  19. AppStore 

    1. OrderSync
    2. How to setup RepairDesk Connect
    3. How to Manage Facebook Reviews within Connect
    4. How to create Canned Responses
  20. Connect 

    1. Getting Started To RepairDesk Connect
    2. How To Add Internal Notes?
    3. How to Filter or Search Conversations in RepairDesk Connect
    4. How to Manage Reviews on Repair Desk Connect?
    5. How to setup Canned Responses?
  21. Mail-in Repairs 

    1. Mail-in Repair Suite
    2. RepairDesk Forms
    3. Shipstation Integration
    4. B2B Mail-in Customer Portal
    5. Estimate Module
  22. SMS 

    1. How can I send Job alerts via SMS?
    2. RepairDesk SMS Setup
    3. How do I enable Clickatell SMS Gateway?
    4. How can I Setup SMS Broadcast API?
    5. How can I enable Textlocal SMS API?
  23. Supported Language 

    1. Language Editor - RepairDesk
    2. How can I customize my invoice, ticket label, receipt, and estimate templates?
  24. API 

    1. Public API
  25. Marketplace 

    1. Introduction to Marketplace
    2. Getting started with Marketplace
    3. Placing an order through Marketplace
    4. How to use scanning with Marketplace
    5. Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
  26. πŸ’¬ FAQs 

    1. πŸ’¬ Special Part and Special Part Order
    2. πŸ’¬ Serialized Inventory
    3. πŸ’¬ Warranty
    4. πŸ’¬ Refund/Exchange
    5. πŸ’¬ Transfer Inventory
  27. πŸŽ“ Concepts 

    1. πŸŽ“ Repair
    2. πŸŽ“ Device
    3. πŸŽ“ Inventory Item
    4. πŸŽ“ Serialized Inventory Item
    5. πŸŽ“ Special Part and Special Part Order
  28. All articles 

    1. How do I add a new customer?
    2. How can I send Job alerts via SMS?
    3. How does the POS section work?
    4. How Can I Create a New Purchase Order?
    5. Printing

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