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Employee Dashboard

Once you have set roles and permissions for employees, there will be a visible difference between an admin dashboard which opens up when you login to RepairDesk and the dashboard which would be visible to your technicians and staff members.

Employee Dashboard will allow your employees and technicians to see Repair, Unlocking and Critical Jobs. While the Admin can see reports and sale status, other employees (depending upon their roles and permissions) can view only job specific information. 

1. Repairs displays the total number of repair jobs which are either Open, Pending or are In Progress.

2. Unlocking shows the total number of Pending / In Progress

3. Critical shows total over-due tickets which are neither marked as repaired nor completed. 

4. Under the What's Coming Up Next heading, employee can view upcoming repair jobs so that they can prioritize their tasks and complete jobs before their repair jobs. 

5. When the employee clicks on View All Tickets, they can view all tickets depending upon if they are given access to view only their own repair jobs or that of all employees. To know more about how to set Employee Roles & Permissions, please click here

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