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Getting Started To RepairDesk Connect


RepairDesk Connect is a cutting-edge messaging application designed to seamlessly integrate within the RepairDesk dashboard, enhancing the communication process between repair shops and their clients.
This versatile messaging tool streamlines interactions by consolidating messages from multiple platforms, including Google My Business, Facebook Messenger and RD SMS.
Through real-time notifications and a user-friendly interface, RepairDesk Connect ensures that no client message goes unnoticed, facilitating prompt responses and fostering stronger client relationships.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Multi-Platform Integration: RepairDesk Connect brings together messaging channels from Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, and RD SMS into a centralized dashboard. This consolidation prevents the need to switch between platforms, saving time and ensuring efficient communication management.
  2. Real-time Browser Notifications: With RepairDesk Connect, as soon as a message is received on any of the integrated platforms, a browser notification is triggered if the RepairDesk POS is open. This feature ensures that no incoming message is missed, allowing immediate attention and responses.
  3. Easy Access via the Connect Icon: RepairDesk Connect is conveniently accessible through the Connect icon located on the right-side drawer of the RepairDesk dashboard. A simple click on the icon opens up the messaging interface, enabling instant interaction with clients.
  4. Compact Chat Inbox: Upon accessing RepairDesk Connect, a new chat inbox appears, covering more than 50% of the screen. This design choice ensures that users can simultaneously navigate other parts of the dashboard while engaging in client conversations.
  5. Assign Employee: You can assign your employee to the specific chat or call by clicking on the "+" button in front of customer's name.

Installation Steps

Follow these detailed steps to install RepairDesk Connect seamlessly:
  1. Open AppStore: Navigate to the AppStore section within the RepairDesk dashboard and click on "Appstore."
2. Select RepairDesk Connect: Locate and select "RepairDesk Connect" from the list of available apps.
3. Install the App: Click on the "Install" button to initiate the installation process.4. Confirmation Pop-up: Upon successful installation, a pop-up notification will appear, confirming the successful integration of RepairDesk Connect.

5. Close App Store: If you wish to exit the App Store, click the designated icon for closure.

6. Access RepairDesk Connect: After installation, you will find the "RepairDesk Connect" icon within the AppStore drawer.

7. Welcome Screen: Upon accessing RepairDesk Connect, you will be welcomed to the messaging interface, ready to start engaging with clients.


Facebook. You cannot reply to conversations after 24 hours after receiving the message.
SMS Chat widget: You cannot reply to inquiries within Connect. You have to follow up with inquiries yourself.
Google My Business: It takes around 4-6 hours for your changes to reflect on Google listing.
Email & SMS: You cannot compose new emails or sms within Connect. However, you can reply to existing messages.

Key Takeaway

RepairDesk Connect emerges as a powerful messaging solution that empowers repair shops to efficiently manage client communications across various platforms. By unifying messaging channels, providing real-time notifications, and ensuring easy accessibility, RepairDesk Connect enhances the overall customer experience and contributes to streamlined operations.
Through its integration within the RepairDesk dashboard, this messaging app is set to revolutionize the way repair businesses interact with their clients.

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