Where can I view and manage all of my purchase orders?

A purchase order is a demand document issued by a buyer to a supplier, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the supplier has to provide to the buyer.

You can view all Purchase Orders on the Purchase Order Listing page. 

1. Go to Inventory >> Purchase Order.
2. Here you can view all of your purchase orders. Click on the Action button against a purchase order to select options such as Edit, View, Delete or Clone a Purchase Order along with Creating a Goods Receiving Note (GRN) against a Purchase Order (PO). 
3. To create a PO click on the Add Purchase Button on the top right. To know more about creating a Purchase Order, click here
4. You can search a particular PO by selecting parameters from the Search Filter. You can filter on the basis of:

Keyword - Filter invoices on the basis of Purchase Order ID or Supplier. 
Supplier - Select a supplier and view all purchase orders associated with that supplier.
Type - View purchase orders relating to a specific inventory item type 
Status - Filter all invoices according to their status such as pending, in progress, received etc.
From Date - View all purchase orders starting from a particular date
To Date - View all purchase orders till a specific date. 

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