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Creating Categories, Brands and Models

In this article, you will learn, how to add Categories, brands, and models in the Appointments Pro widget.

NOTE: If you have configured Sync with Repairdesk, manual editing of brands, models, devices, and issues from Appointments Pro will not be possible. To update this information, you can make changes directly within the desired category in Repairdesk, and the updates will automatically reflect in Appointments Pro. This article reflects on how to configure Appointments Pro if you are not using the "Sync with Repairdesk" option. 

Creating Categories

Click on "Create Category" to create a new device type. 

Enter the name for the category and click on the "Camera" icon to upload an image for the device type.

Click on “Save” to save your settings.

Creating Brands

Click on "Add Brand" next to the category where you wish to create the brand.

Upload the image and enter the name of the brand and then click on “Save”. 

Creating Models

Click on Add Model

Upload the image and enter the name of the Model and then click on Save.

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