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Customer Self Service Check-In Widget

To speed up repair booking process now you can use β€œSelf Check-In Widget” which allows you to capture customer's digital signature and device information. Once customer fills up inquiry form via iPad or from your website, you can also print out a label via Google Cloud Print automatically.

To learn more, please have a walk through this article.

Configuring the widget

To enable Self Check-In Widget on your website, follow these steps.

1. Create a page on your website where the widget will work.
2. Go to Settings >> Integrations >> Self Check-In Widget
3. Hit Generate the iFrame code button

4. You will get the following pop-up from where you need to copy the script and embed it on appropriate location on your website.

5. Enter terms and conditions. Make configuration settings for this widget as per your requirements.

6. Once configured successfully, it will be displayed as shown below on your website where customers can come and check-in.

Creating ticket from self check-in inquiry

The technician can then open this inquiry on POS to complete details with repair specifics and print a ticket receipt or sticky label.

1. On POS, hit More Actions button

2. You will get the following pop-up from where you need to select View Self-Check-In.

3. You will be directed to following screen from where you can re-open the self check-in inquiry on POS and convert it to ticket.

4. Order details will be automatically populated to the Details page of POS.

Once all details are populated, click on Confirm and hit the Create Ticket button. This will create a ticket for the customer order coming via Self Check-In Widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I hide customer address?

A. Sure, you can. Just go to Settings >> Integrations >> Customer Self Check-In Widget and disable the trigger by removing check from the checkbox titled "show address field on walk-in widget".

Q. Can I just take customer information?

A. You can do so by hiding device details. To do so go to Settings >> Integrations >> Customer Self Check-In Widget  and enable the trigger "Hide Device Info Fields."

Q. Can I translate this in my primary language?

A. Yes, certainly, you can use the language editor to translate it into any language. To know more about this feature and translate sections into your desired language, please click here.

Q. Can I automatically print out check-in receipt using Cloud print whenever customer fills up the form? 

A. Of course! Just follow these steps:
1. Go to Integrations
2. Select Google Cloud Print or PrintNode depending upon which integration you have enabled.
3. Head to Sync Printers
4. Select the Printer you want to associate with the label. 
5. Click on Action button and open Edit option. 
6.  Enable the trigger for Self Check-In Label

Now whenever a customer fills in check-in form, RepairDesk will automatically spill out a label against it. 

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