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How to Integrate Slack with RepairDesk?

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Why Slack?

Running a repair shop can be quite hectic at times. The biggest hurdle encountered while efficiently running day-to-day operations is the lack of proper communication between different team members. If you are managing a team of many technicians and salesmen sometimes it can be quite hard to catch up what they are doing. Plus, it's a very tedious work to go through multiple communication channels to get an overall picture of what's actually happening. 

If this is your dilemma, then you are in the right place. 

RepairDesk is proud to introduce its latest integration with Slack - a renowned cloud-based team collaboration tool. With Slack you can better communicate with your team members, making communication simpler. 


With our integration with Slack, you would be able to:
 - Communicate with your team in a simpler way  
 - Search through old messages and archived conversations
 - Get notified about activities performed by employees
 - Streamline your workflow and improve output
 - Automatically know when employees check-in, check out, receive payments etc. 
Setting up Slack Integration:

Setting up Slack integration in RepairDesk is super easy. Let's show you how:

1. Click on the Menu button and select Integration from the options. 

2. From the Integrations page, select Slack Integration. 

3. You will be taken to Slack Integration Setup Page. First, you will need an incoming webhook from Slack. To get an incoming webhook, click on the link highlighted in the screenshot below. 

4. You will be taken to Slack API page.  Click on Setting up an incoming webhook integration to generate an incoming webhook. 

Note: If you are logged in to Slack, you will be taken to Slack Settings for Webhooks. If you haven't signed in yet, a pop-up screen will ask you to enter your login details to sign in to Slack. 

5. Under Post to Channel, select #random as communication channel. 

Note: #random channel will be considered the group communication channel for your team. 

6. Once #random channel has been selected, click on Add Incoming Webhooks Integration button. 

7. A webhook would be generated. Copy its URL. You will need to post it in Slack Integration Settings in RepairDesk. 

8. On Slack Integration page, click on the Setup tab. Under Basic Configuration, enable the trigger: Enable Integration to activate Slack integration after you have pasted the previously copied webhook URL under Slack Webhook URL field. 

Click on Save button to save settings. 

9. To manage notifications regarding when you want to be informed about a certain activity such as when someone checks in, checks out, takes payment etc in RepairDesk, enable the relevant triggers under Triggers tab in Slack Integration settings. 

10. Now you can also enable notifications for ticket notes and private comments. If an employee writes down a comment and another employee responds back to it then this conversation on a repair ticket will be notified on Slack along with the relevant Ticket ID. To enable this notification, enable the trigger: " Add Ticket Notes."

11. If you want to be updated if employees communicate with each other via private comments, then enable the trigger: "Add private notes." Now if employees add private comments and respond to them, you will be notified on Slack about the ongoing private chat.  

Once done, click on Save and you are good to go! 

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