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How to Receive Partial Stock and create a Goods Received Note?

Goods Received Notes (GRN) allows you to accept partial and full inventory against any purchase order.

You can create multiple Goods Received Note against each purchase order, and for better inventory tracking, you can also create serialized inventory so that the quantities can be tracked and their cost value can be allocated.

There are multiple ways in which you can create a GRN. 

1. The first method is by going to the Purchase Order section. Go to Inventory >> Purchase Order. Here you can view all the Purchase Order listed. 
When you'll click on the Action button against a Purchase Order, you can see the option to Create GRN. 

2. Another way to create a GRN is to click on the Status of the particular PO in the Purchase Order section. Once you click on it a drop down menu option will open. If you click on Received, a pop up window will open, asking you to confirm if you want to create a GRN. Upon clicking on Confirm, a GRN will be created. The PO number will be automatically populated as you created a GRN, by updating the status of the specific PO. You can fill in the required details. 

You can also create serial numbers for the received goods. Just click on the Create Serials link beneath the Received Quantity. Enter the starting and ending number (equivalent to the number of items received; for example if you received 10 items then the start will be 1 and ending will be 10). 

Once you have saved serial numbers and created a GRN, you can see a notification on top with green background informing you that the GRN has been created. 

At the bottom of the GRN, you can see the history of activities related to the GRN in the Goods Received Notes History, such as when the GRN was created and whether any changes or modifications were made to the GRN. 

You can also Print the GRN or Export it as a PDF file by clicking on the Action button at the top left corner of the GRN. 

3. The third way of creating a GRN is going directly to Inventory >> Goods received Notes

Once clicked, you can see all the GRN listed which have been created. By clicking on the New GRN button at the top you can create a GRN. 

A GRN window will open. Here you'll have to specifiy the PO Reference Number against which you wish to create the GRN. 

Once the GRN is created, not only does it update the Purchase Order but it will also update the inventory. If you go to Inventory >> Manage Inventory >> Mobile, Accessories & Parts, and search for the particular item that has been received, and view the item, you can see the in the Admin History section at the bottom, that the inventor has been updated against the specific PO and GRN. There are clickable links, which when clicked will open the respective GRN and PO. 

GRN help you in documenting the goods received through the Purchase Orders. Previously partial receiving of items was not allowed, but now with the GRN, you can accept partial receiving of items and can easily update your inventory and Purchase Orders in one go! 


We have added some improvements in GRN at the time of creation.

1. Go to Goods Received Notes from Manage Inventory click on Create GRN.

2. You will be shown a scan bar (through which you can scan the GRN listed items for the selected PO) and you will be able to search the purchase order via its tracking number (if you have given any tracking number when creating a PO).

Initially, the received quantity will be equal to the ordered quantity. After scanning, the received quantity will reset and the count will start from 1. 

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