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How do I set Employee Roles and Permissions in RepairDesk?

provides you the functionality of defining, setting and implementing different employee roles and to control their access to RepairDesk. 

Different employees use RepairDesk for various roles and require different levels of access. RepairDesk allows you to assign a specific access level to each employee so that they can access functionality only relevant to their job role.

To have a visual presentation of how this functionality works, please watch the video below:

A. Employee Roles

1.      Go to Settings >> Employees >> Roles to add or remove employee roles. 

Note: By default there are two roles, Owner and Default which cannot be added or deleted and allow an overall access to RepairDesk. These are superuser accounts, so that the business owner can view all functionalities of RepairDesk. Think of them as an admin account. 

2. In this section you can add, view, edit or remove an employee role. 

3. To add an employee role, click on Add Role button. 

4. A window will open in which you can enter the name of the new employee role. Click on Add to save the role.


B. Employee Permissions
1.To set permission for an employee role you can either do it from Settings >> Employees >> Roles, by clicking in the Action button next to an employee role and clicking on edit 

2. OR by going to Settings >> Employees >> Roles Permissions, selecting a role from the drop down menu at the top and then selecting multiple check boxes describing various levels of access. 

3. These access can be described in three main categories:

Access: allowing the employee to view or access that particular section
Edit: enabling employee to change or modify data or settings
Delete: Removing data or settings in a particular section 

4. Click on the "+" icon to open subsections. 

5.Once you have made the changes and have defined which sections you want a particular employee to have access to, Save these settings.

6. When you will open a subsection you will see many triggers for permissions for that particular section. 

Some of the new triggers which we have introduced are:

  • Lock the product creation for some employees
  • Block the price change for some employees
  • Block the ability to make repayments for some employees
  • Block the costing field for some employees
  • Block the supplier field for some employees
  • Request authorization to apply a discount to the customer
Note: We have also introduced permission triggers for different sections which weren't available before. Some of the new sections for which we have introduced new permission triggers are as following:

i. Trade In    
ii. Transfer Inventory    
iii. Inventory Count    
iv. Purchase orders    
v. Goods Received Notes    
vi. RMA    
vii. Lead

C. Manage Employees
1. If you want a specific employee to access RepairDesk from a particular IP only for security purpose,  you can select the specific IP by going to Settings>> Employees >> Manage Employees

2. Select the specific employee.

3. Go to the IP White list section. This allows you to set a particular IP through which the employee can access RepairDesk. 

If the employee will try to access the RepairDesk from another IP, which is not stated in the White list then they cannot access or vie RepairDesk. 

4. You can also add multiple IP addresses for a particular employee. Simply click on the Add IP button and enter the IP address. 

5. To remove an IP address, just click on the trash bin icon next to the IP address. 

6. Finally, hit the Save button to save changes. 

7. If no specific IP has been added then the user or employee can access RepairDesk from anywhere. 

D. Employee Commissions?
1. You can set commissions for employees by heading to Settings >> Employees >> Employee Commission

2. Click on Action button and select Update to set commission for an individual employee. 

3. Set commission of an employee against Repairs, Unlocking, Accessories, Casual and Trade-Ins

4. Finally click on Save Changes

To know more, please click here

To know about how to split commission between employee for a sale, click here

E. Security Checks

Every employee does not get the liberty to access all the information of the store so, to ensure the secutity of the data owner can apply security checks for various roles. Here is the proper way to apply those checks against any role.  

1. To enable security checks for employees, head to Settings >> Employees >> Manage Security Checks. 

2. Select employee role from the top and turn on/off the available triggers

3. Finally, click on Save Changes button to implement security checks. 

Note: Recently we have expanded several security checks under employee permissions. These new security checks include:

Import / Export Item, Services & Customers  - Asks employee to enter Access PIN when importing/ exporting inventory items, repair services and customers. 

Apply Discount - Before applying discount, system will ask employee to enter his/ her access code.

Give Refund - Enable this trigger to make it mandatory for an employee to enter access PIN before giving refunds. 

End Register Shift - Before ending shift (cllosing register) employee would have to enter his/ her access PIN. 

Delete Item / Service - Enable this trigger to make the system ask for access PIN from an employee before deleting any inventory item or repair service. 

Delete Customer / Customer Group - Confirm deletion of customers/ customer groups by entering access PIN before iniitiating delete process. 

Delete Ticket - Enable trigger to make it mandatory to enter access PIN before deleting a repair ticket. 

Delete Invoice -  Enable trigger to make it mandatory to enter access PIN before deleting an invoice.

Delete Purchase Order / RMA - Before deleting a Purchase Order or RMA, system will ask employee to enter access PIN for confirmation. 


Q. Can I stop employee for giving discount?
A. Sure you can! Just follow these steps:
1. Go to settings
2. Head to Employees
3. Open Roles Permissions
4. Select Employee Role.
5. Click on "+" against POS section. The subsection triggers will appear in a list. 
6. Turn off the trigger for Apply Discount
7. Hit Save Changes

Now employee cannot give discount.  

Q. Can I hide prices from employee?
A. Yes. RepairDesk gives you full control over the system, enabling you to hide prices and costs from employees. Simply follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Go to Settings
2. Head to Employees
3. Open Roles Permissions
4. Select Employee Role.
5. Disable the Show Cost Price trigger at the bottom.
6. Hit Save Changes    

Cost Prices are now hidden from your employee. 

Q. Can I stop employee from deleting invoice, ticket or inventory?
A. Of course you can. For restricting employee from deleting invoice, ticket or inventory just follow these steps:

1. Go to settings
2. Head to Employees
3. Open Roles Permissions
4. Select Employee Role.
5. Under the Delete column, disable triggers for invoices, tickets and inventory as shown in the screenshot below.  
6. Finally, hit Save Changes       

Now employee would not be able to delete invoices, inventory or tickets. 

Q. Can i add an option in which RepairDesk asks employee to enter access pin before giving discount? A. Definitely! Just follow these steps:
1. Head to Settings
2. Go to Employees section
3. Open Manage Security Checks
4. Enable the trigger for Apply Discount under Admin Access Pin Required
5. Finally, hit Save Changes

Q. Can I stop employees from modifying Pre-Repair Device Conditions after they have been added?
Yes and It's super easy. You can enable/ disable modification of pre-repair device condition on both POS and Tickets section or in wither one of them. Let us show you how:
1. Head to
2. Head to Employees
3. Open Roles Permissions
4. Select Employee Role.  
5Click on POS section. 
6. To stop employees from changing pre-repair conditions via POS, disable the trigger 'Change Pre-Repair Device Conditions Once Added'
7. To restrict employees from modifying pre-repair conditions via Tickets section, click on Tickets section and disable the trigger 'Change Pre-Repair Device Conditions Once Added'
8. Finally, hit Save.

Once, you have disabled the trigger, employees would not be able to modify pre-repair device conditions after they have been added. 

Q. How can I set permission for a specific report to an employee using Roles and permission module?
A. Yes ! you can set permission for certain report to a Role, and that will be shown to employee attached to specific Role.
underreports section, all the reports are listed from where a user can assign or un-assign them based to Role.

Q: How to restrict employee to view invoices on POS?

A new permission named View / Search Invoices has been added under the roles and permissions section of the POS module. In order to restrict your employees to view invoices on POS. You have to disable this permission

Navigate to Settings > Employees > Manage Roles Permission > POS

Admin and super admin users have the "View / Search Invoices" permission enabled by default.  

For other employees, the "View / Search Invoices" permission can be enabled or disabled based on their role settings.

Q: Can I Disable Add/Edit category for employees?

Yes you can by enabling the below highlighted option. It will disable the option to edit/add repair category for employees.

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