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Dual Tax Rate Support For Canada & Peru

It’s imperative for businesses in British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest territories, Nunavut, Quebec, Saskatchewan, & Yukon to charge sales tax but display GST & PST separately on an invoice.

For example, Company iSumurai is a resident of the province of Montreal.

All transactions will be taxable at:
Goods and Services (GST): 5%
Provincial Sales Tax (PST): 9.975%

By law all invoices should display subtotal, then GST 5% line with total GST amount, then PST 9.975% line with total PST amount and then grand total.

To facilitate our customers, we've just rolled out a feature in RepairDesk that will allow cellphone store owners to enable dual tax rate & display GST & PST separately on an invoice.  

Note: RepairDesk allows you to enable dual tax against mobile, accessories and parts, trade-in and casual items, along with services such as repairs and unlocking. 

Ready to get started?

Check steps on how-to to get up and running with dual tax option

1. Navigate to Store Settings & click on Tax Configutation.

2. Click on "New" & create a tax class "GST" i.e. 5%.

3. Click on "New" again and create a tax class "PST" along with tax percentage. i.e. 9.975

4. Now click on Activate Dual Tax to enable Dual Tax

5. Please ensure you have enabled both tax classes as default if you want to use dual tax option. 

Note: You can drag and drop tax classes to set priorities for tax classes. RepairDesk considers default and top most tax class as the first tax class when dual tax is enabled. 

6. Now, when you go inside an inventory item, you will be able to select dual tax under price tab. (see attached)

7. Once dual tax is setup against an inventory item, you will be open to view that on POS against each line item.


Q. How can I import inventory? 
A. To know about how to import inventory, please click here

Q. Can I set dual tax while importing inventory? A. Definitely! Once dual tax is activate, you can export and import inventory/services with 2 tax classes in CSV file. Here we are giving an example for mobile, accessories and parts.  
1. Go to Inventory
2. Select Manage Inventory
3. Click on Mobile Accessories & Parts
4. Export Inventory
5. In the CSV file you can see two columns for tax classes. One labeled as Tax Class and the other as Second Tax Class
6. Mention the Tax Classes in the CSV columns. In this case GST and PST respectively. 

7. Save file
8. Upload the CSV file via Import Inventory

Now both taxes will be showing up against mobile, accessories and parts. 

For Repair CSV file:
1. Go to Inventory
2. Head to Manage Services
3. Select Repair
4. Perform step 5 to 8; same as that for repair services

Similarly you can apply dual tax for trade-in and casual items as well as repair services such as unlocking. 

Q. How can I turn off Tax Inclusiveness for all my items if I wish to enable Dual Tax for all of them?
A. It's simple. Export the CSV file of Inventory and under the column Tax Inclusive enter 0 in all cells.
Save the CSV file and then import it back to RepairDesk.

Note: This scenario is applicable when you had previously enabled tax inclusiveness and now want to turn off tax inclusiveness. If you already have set tax as exclusive, you don't need to perform this step. 

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