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How can I enable Textlocal SMS API?

If you are looking for a platform that will allow you to send bulk SMS messages to your customers, especially in United Kingdom and India, then Textlocal is the perfect choice!

Textlocal is a SMS gateway for businesses which allows you to send text messages in bulk. Currently Textlocal is available in two variations:

If you are looking for a SMS platform at an international level (and specifically for United Kingdom) then is the right fit for you. UK customers will be able to send bulk SMS at way cheaper rates via Textlocal. 

2. provides the service of sending bulk text messages for businesses in India. However, provides services only in India and if you have a account then you would be able to send text message only in India. For sending worldwide messages you would have to use 

How to set this up?

Setting up Textlocal API in RepairDesk is a piece of cake! 

1. First, create your account on Textlocal
Note: Sign up on for worldwide SMS reach. Indian customers can sign up to if they desire to send bulk SMS in India only. 

2. Log in to RepairDesk.

3. Head to Settings.

4. Click on Integrations and select Textlocal from the list. 

5.  You will be directed to following page.    

       On the Textlocal API configurations page, activate Enable API trigger.

6. Enter your business name. Copy the API token key from Textlocal account and paste it in Enter API Key field. 

7. Select region from the dropdown menu. Choose Worldwide for account or India for account.

8. Click on Save Changes button to implement API settings. 


9.  Once connected successfully, you will get the message displayed “API Connected” as shown below. It will display the SMS and MMS balance from your Textlocal account to RepairDesk account.


Q. How long the Sender Name should be while using (international)?

A.  While using (international), you can enter sender name under the Business Name field. This field is used to specify which sender name will appear in the text message. This name can be between 3 to 11 alpha-numeric characters or up to 13 numeric characters. 

Q. What is the character limit for sender name while using (India)?

A. While using (India) you can specify sender name up to 6 alpha characters under Business Name field. Do not send this parameter if you're using a promotional account. This 6 character sender name should be approved by Textlocal, otherwise your messages will not be sent. If your sender names are not approved yet, you can use default sender name 'TXTLCL' to send text messages via Textlocal API. 
Note: Approval for sender name is applicable only for (India). 

Q. Is it possible to disable the integration once enabled?

A. Yes you can disable the integration by unchecking the Enable TextLocal API box as shown below

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