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How To Setup PayPal Payment Integration?

PayPal payment integration will let your customers pay their invoice online using Paypal Portal. When an order status is marked as repaired, a customer will receive an email automatically with a payment link which they can pay for, through PayPal. They will have the option to directly pay online before coming to pick up their handset.

If you would like to manually send a payment request click on action & hit email on invoice page. 

To start using this feature head to Setting >> PayPal Integration & enter your PayPal email details. 

1- Check the box in front of 'Enable PayPal Integration'
2- Enter your PayPal email address.
3- Select currency
4- If you would like customers to receive payment link automatically update this trigger "Send payment request automatically when a ticket is marked as repaired" 
5 - Hit "Save changes" and you're done.


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