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๐ŸŽ“ Repair

A Repair is what makes RepairDesk and your shop run. Simply said, itโ€™s a cellphone repairing service for a particular Device that you provide to your customers in return of a repairing fee.

In RepairDesk, you setup all the repairing services (or simply โ€œRepairsโ€) that you offer, then simply start creating tickets for them on the POS. Once a Repair ticket is completed, you can collect payments from the customer.


Remember that in RepairDesk a Repair is always created for a specific Device. So, make sure you have added devices to RepairDesk that are common in your is setup and ready to use. (See how to setup inventory).


By the way, RepairDesk provides you complete flexibility to customize and make it work the way your business works. 

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