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Customer Portal


A perfect tool for repair depots that does a lot of mail-in repairs or repair stores that work with insurance companies, schools and more and need an ability for these customers to create repair tickets, add notes, view communication log or even make payment against these invoices.


You can create unlimited profiles for 3rd party customers with a username and password so they can keep track of repairs. You can also share a unique profile link with customers so they can quickly access portal without having them to enter username and password.
2. While creating a repair ticket a customer can select a repair center location where he wants to ship the device. By default vendor details are displayed however he can also choose to enter their customer information.
3. While creating a repair ticket a customer can add multiple device details, add notes, agree to terms and conditions and print shipping slip for the repair ticket.
4. Customers can also view open invoices and make payment via PayPal

How it works:

1.    Head to Integrations

 2.    Click on Customer Portal:

3.    From this page, you can enable or disable b2b customer portal module. 

Note: From this window, you can also add "store terms and conditions" for mail-in repairs so 
that the client accepts when booking in a ticket.

4.    Please copy the link (shown below) and place it on your website so that your 3rd party customers can enter their username and password to view their tickets or invoices.

How to set up customer login details?

In order to generate login id for a customer

        I.        Follow these simple steps to generate an ID for the customer portal.

Goto =>Manage customer =>click on the customer

 II.        The Customer Detail view window will open. Here, click on + customer portal.


III.        After clicking portal customer a new popup window will open where user name will be auto-generated, enter a password, check the box for sending these credential to customer and press save.    

   IV.        Email sent to customer will be as follow:


      V.        When a Customer click on click here to login, it will take the customer to the portal login page, where he can add the given credentials to proceed further.

Or you can use the link provided at the time of enabling the customer portal.

 VI.        Press login to land on the awesome portal which is for the ease of the user. On the landing page, the user can see all the tickets and invoices associated with him/her. Here they can add a ticket and check their statues e.g. open, closed and cancelled.

VII.        View all your tickets by clicking View all under tickets, you can also create new ticket:    


Create Ticket via Customer Portal:

1. Press create tickets, the system will ask you to select the store location where you want to make a ticket select your desired store and press next, if you have only one store location it will move to the ticket page directly.


2. Enter all the data in the given fields, add a row and then create a ticket. That ticket will be generated at RepairDesk.

3. In order to add additional information click the highlighted icon.

4. Enter all the information and press save    

5. After creating ticket you can also print label and shipping slip:    

View invoices via customer portal:

1. You can view the invoice detail .by clicking view under invoices.


2. Customers can pay the unpaid invoice using PayPal. (if PayPal integration is enable on Repairdesk)

Default Ticket Status

We've added the configuration to set the default ticket status for customer portal tickets. This feature empowers users with the flexibility to set distinct default ticket statuses for tickets initiated through the customer portal. Users can now customize default statuses based on their workflow needs, streamlining ticket management and ensuring that portal-generated tickets seamlessly align with their specific processes.

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