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How to Connect Google Business Profile to RepairDesk Connect?


Integrating your Google Business Profile with RepairDesk Connect allows you to efficiently manage customer interactions and messages from within the RepairDesk dashboard. RepairDesk Connect is a versatile messaging app that integrates with various platforms, and connecting your Google Business Profile streamlines communication.
This guide will walk you through the steps of connecting your Google Business Profile to RepairDesk Connect, enabling you to effectively respond to Google messages and engage with customers.

Accessing Google Business Profile Connection

  1. Navigate to RepairDesk Dashboard: Begin by navigating to the RepairDesk dashboard. Log in to your RepairDesk account using your credentials.
  2. Open Connect and Go to Settings: Inside the RepairDesk dashboard, access the Connect module. Navigate to the settings section within Connect. This is where you can configure various integrations and settings.

Connecting Google Business Profile

  1. Click on "Connect" for Google My Business Integration: In the settings section of Connect, locate the "Connect" option associated with Google My Business Integration. Click on this option to initiate the connection process.

2. Google Authentication: After clicking "Connect," you will be directed to the Google Authentication page. This step is necessary to grant RepairDesk Connect permission to access and manage conversations on your Google Business Profile.

3. Allow Access: On the Google Authentication page, click on the "Allow" button. This action authorizes RepairDesk to manage conversations on your Google profile.

4. Select Profiles and Locations: After allowing access, all the Google Business Profiles linked to your account will be displayed. Pick the desired profile for use in RepairDesk Connect by clicking on the checkbox next to it.

5. Map Locations: After selecting the profile, click "Next." On the next page, select the locations you want to map and then click "Next" again.

6. Link Locations to Stores: Link the mapped locations with the stores configured in your RepairDesk account. This ensures proper alignment between Google Business Profile locations and your repair business stores.

7. Save Settings: After mapping the locations, click "Save" to finalize the Google Business Profile connection.

Google Messaging Widget Setup

  1. Access Google Messaging Widget: After saving the connection settings, click on the "Google Messaging Widget" option within Connect.

2. Create Widget: In the Google Messaging Widget interface, click "Create Widget."

3. Select Google Profile: Select your Google Business Profile from the available options.

4. Enter Business Information: After selecting your Google profile, click "Next." Enter your business information, including the Welcome message, business hours, and start/end day.

5. Save Widget Settings: After entering the business information, click "Save." Note that the information entered in the Google Messaging Widget will be visible to end users.

Kindly note that the data entered in the “Google messaging widget” will be visible to end users. We recommend inputting an accurate welcome message, as it will be displayed to customers when they reach out to your business.
Google will display the “Chat” option to your customers only when the current time and day align with the business hours you've established in the Google messages widget. Ensure you've accurately set your business days and hours within the widget.

View and Respond to Google Messages

With your Google Business Profile connected and messaging widget set up, you will now be able to view and respond to Google business messages directly in the RepairDesk Connect messages section.

Limitation: It takes around 4-6 hours for your changes to reflect on Google listing.


Connecting your Google Business Profile to RepairDesk Connect enhances your customer communication capabilities. By following these steps to connect your Google Business Profile, you can centralize message management, improve response times, and enhance customer engagement.
RepairDesk Connect's integration with Google Business Profiles empowers you to provide efficient and effective communication, contributing to the success of your repair business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is there a delay in receiving messages after the trial period ends? A: The delay is due to the 48-hour grace period we provide after the trial expires. During this time, changes to the GMB integration may take up to 72 hours to fully reflect, impacting message delivery. You should be able to receive messages from Google My Business within 72 hours after the trial expiry.

Q: Can I retrieve messages received after the transition to a paid plan? A: Yes, you would be able to view all the messages after subscribing to a paid plan within 48 hours of the trial expiry. If you subscribe to Connect after 48 hours, you will have to re-connect your Google My Business profile to Repairdesk Connect and you won’t be able to retrieve the messages received in those 48 hours. Should you wish to opt for the paid plan but prefer not to do so immediately, feel free to inform us at, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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