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How to Setup ReplaceBase Integration in RepairDesk?

Replace Base provides the best quality spares and exceptional customer experience to merchants in UK & Europe. Founded in 2009 they quickly took the top spot in the industry, and keep it by offering not only great components but also delivering on service. This integration will help repair stores to purchase parts or devices directly in RepairDesk.

With this integration you can:

●       Import the entire or selected Replace Base catalogue with product image and updated price to your RepairDesk account.

●       Easily add any of the 50+ new SKUs in stock weekly to your own inventory.

●       View Replace Base inventory level while creating a purchase order in RepairDesk.

●       Order out of stock parts with a single click directly through RepairDesk.

●       Hit Connect to set up the integration.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use this integration please watch this video!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I open a low stock report in RepairDesk and order stock from Replace Base Website?

A. Yes absolutely. Open your low stock report in RepairDesk, push selected items to a purchase order and a single tap in RepairDesk will send items to Replace Base shopping cart.

Q. If I run SKU import wizard again in RepairDesk, will it create duplicate items?

A. If the Replace Base product SKU already exists in RepairDesk it will not create a duplicate item.

Q. When a new SKU is added on the Replace Base Website can I get a notification alert within RepairDesk?

A. Whenever a new SKU is added on Replace Base website, you will receive an alert within 24 hours so that you can view a list of new SKUs and add selected SKUs to your inventory with a single click.

You can also choose to disable the notification from the configuration page.

If you're having a problem and need assistance with API Token or inventory import setup please reach out to our live chat support or send us an email at

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