RepairDesk PBX Integration

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between users on local lines, while enabling all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Caller ID Lookup Source by PBX are supported by Trixbox, FreePBX and many more.

Using PBX System with RepairDesk (on Windows)

Computer & cell phone repair shops that are using any PBX system can now get call alerts with customer & repair ticket details in RepairDesk.

In order to use PBX system with RepairDesk, you need to login to your FreePBX account and perform the following steps.

1. After you have logged in successfully, head to Admin panel from main navigation bar and select Caller ID Look Up Sources .

2. You will be directed to screen where you can see the list of all Caller ID Lookup that you have added and add new Caller ID Lookup source.

3. By clicking on Add Caller ID Lookup source, you will be directed to a screen where you are required to add following fields to set up the Caller ID Lookup Source.
i) Source Description: This should be the name of platform where you want the calls to be redirected from
ii) Source Type: This should be set to HTTPS
iii) Cache results: This should be set to No. If you mark it as No, you will get the following fields displayed.
Host: To enter host address, in the next window, you need to login to your RepairDesk account and head to Integrations listing page as shown in the video above. There you will see PBX integration listed at the bottom of page. There, you have to enable the integration and copy the host address to paste it in your PBX account configurations. 
Path: Copy the path from RepairDesk integrations settings page to PBX settings page.
Query: Copy the query address from RepairDesk integration settings page to PBX settings page.

4. After filling up these fields, hit Submit button and you can view the newly added Caller ID Lookup source by repeating the steps as explained above (point 1 and 2).

5. Hit Apply Config button and you will see the configurations loading pop-up.

6. Head to main navigation --> Admin panel --> CID Super-facta. From super-fecta listing page, click on default. Mark Send To URL as Yes and copy the URL address to paste it in RepairDesk PBX integration page settings.

7. From main navigation, head to Connectivity tab and select Inbound Routes. There you will see the field to enter DID number

8. Make Alert settings in RepairDesk integration settings page and hit Save.

9. Now whenever a customer will call you, you will get an alert pop-up displayed on RepairDesk POS screen as shown in the video.

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