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Selling and Redeeming Gift Cards from the iPad app

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RepairDesk offers Gift Cards, a form of the prepaid card used as an alternative to cash for purchases, for its iPad app. Using an iPad, you can sell gift cards and allow customers to redeem and refund Gift Cards.

To access this feature in the iPad POS Register app, you’ll first have to enable Gift Cards from the web app, which you can learn how to do here.

Selling Gift Cards

1. Login to your RepairDesk account
2. Click on the Gift cards tab to add a new gift card. This tab will only be visible to you if the gift cards module is enabled from the web.

3. After tapping on the Add Gift Cards button, you will get the following pop-up where you can enter a new gift card. You can generate a random number by tapping on generate link and assign it to newly added gift card on run time. Enter the gift card value and hit Save.

4. The newly added gift card will be visible in gift cards tab. You can search the gift card through its number or scan it using the barcode scanner. After the card is added to the cart, tap on the Checkout button and sell the gift card.

5. Select the payment method and hit the Checkout button to sell the gift card like a regular inventory item.

Note: You can edit the gift card from POS just like a regular inventory item is edited in iPad.
You can only sell those gift cards from iPad which are marked as INACTIVE in status. When the gift card is sold, its status will automatically be changed to ACTIVE.

Redeeming Gift Cards

  1. Create an invoice following the process described here.
  2. After tapping the Checkout button, the customer can pay the amount using a gift card when you select the Gift Card option as their payment method.

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    4. You will be asked to enter the gift card number, which is mandatory, and the amount that the customer wishes to pay using the gift card.

          5. Once the details are entered, tap on the Verify Card button.

On tapping the button, the card will be verified first, and then you can tap Confirm to process the payment.

It is also possible for your customers to split their payments using gift cards, i.e. they can choose to use the gift card for a partial payment, and pay the remainder with a different payment method.

Note: Payments cannot be processed using an inactive gift card.

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You can view the payment details in the Invoices section, where you can also see the payment method used by the customer.

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Refunding Gift Cards

An invoice created when a gift card is bought can be refunded from the iPad POS Register. Please use the refund process explained here.

Customers cannot refund a used gift card. When an already-used gift card is brought in for a refund, the iPad will display a message stating that the gift card has been used.

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You can view the payment details for the gift card in the Transaction Log report as well.

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Q. Can a walk-in customer pay through a gift card?

A. No. It is not possible for a walk-in customer to redeem or purchase a gift card. In order for them to purchase or redeem, you need to add them to the POS.

Q. Which gift cards are editable? Who can edit the gift cards?

A.Only those gift cards, which are not sold will be editable. Once the gift card is sold, it cannot be edited. Also, the employee who is given the edit access (from the web app) will be allowed to edit the gift card.

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