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Computer & cellphone repair shops that are using RingCentral can now get call alerts with customer & repair ticket details in RepairDesk.

Learn how to setup RingCentral with RepairDesk on Windows 

Learn how to setup RingCentral with RepairDesk on Mac

Download RingCentral softphone app:

Download Wget:

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. I'm having trouble setting up RingCentral integration on Windows? 
A. Please set environmental variable regarding to wget.exe and restart your computer after you've updated your settings.

Q. Ring Central command doesn't save on Windows once’s I restart my computer?
A. If you're facing this issue here's what you need to do:
- Head to RepairDesk >> integrations >> RingCentral >> and copy Webhook URL for windows 
- Now open RingCentral soft phone app >> settings >> calls >> navigate to incoming tab >> turn on launch an external app and paste the webhook url 
- Log out from RingCentral sof tphone application and login again

Q. What are Mac OS Commands to integrate ringCentral
A. Find Terminal from Applications of Mac
  • Use command 'cd' to change directory and go to Desktop "cd desktop"
  • Use command 'mkdir' to make folder in Desktop directory "mkdir ringCentral"
  • Use command 'cd' to change directory and go to ringCentral folder "cd ringCentral"
  • Use command 'touch' to create a file in ringCentral folder "touch rcfile"
  • Use command 'chmod' to change file permission "chmod 777 rcfile"
  • Go to Directory desktop/ringCentral and open file (rcfile) with any text editor and paste RepairDesk Mac Os related script and save the file
  • Go to ringCentral Applications->Settings->Calls->Launch an External app-> Execute Commands 
  • Return to Terminal Applications 
  • Use Commands 'pwd' to get complete path of ringCentral folder on Desktop "pwd"
  • Terminal will display something like this (usr/Adam/desktop/ringCentral) 
  • Copy ringCentral folder path form terminal and paste in Execute commands area of ringCentral App and add "/./rcfile %E" Final path looks like "usr/Adam/desktop/ringCentral/./rcfile %E"

If you need help setting up RingCentral integration with RepairDesk please give us a call at (312)313-1737 or email us at

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