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How Can I Integrate MyCoolCell With RepairDesk?

RepairDesk offers integrated purchase orders through MyCoolCell, which is a one stop shop for all wholesale wireless accessories, repair parts and gadgets to help facilitate ordering inventory.

Why To Integrate With MyCoolCell?

With MyCoolCell integration, you can easily stock your locations with fresh retail stock that moves quickly, performs well, and makes money. There are several reasons for you to setup this integration.

  • One Stop Shopping
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Rapid Shipping
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Diverse Catalog with More Than 25,000 SKUs
  • Same Day Shipping Available

How To Setup Integration?

1. To successfully integrate MyCoolCell with RepairDesk, first you need to have an account on MyCoolCell website. Please create an account here:
If you already have an account then you can simply Login and continue.

2. Once your account is created, head to Integrations section from RepairDesk and click on MyCoolCell. You will be directed to following screen where you need to enter MyCoolCell account email and hit Generate Token.

You will get the API Token generated that you need to copy and paste in MyCoolCell account under account information tab.

3.  Save these settings on MyCoolCell account and create purchase order from this site as described below.
a) Add required items to cart

b) Proceed to checkout

c) Select Shipping Address and Shipping Method

d) Select Payment Method

e) Your Purchase Order is ready and you will get Purchase Order ID.

4. The details of this Purchase Order will be shown up in your RepairDesk account after 3 to 5 minutes under Purchase Order tab as shown below.

You can view the details against this Purchase Order by hitting View against Action button.

Please note that Purchase Order created through MyCoolCell website cannot be edited.

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