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Integrated Parts Purchasing Integration With Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets is one of the premier cell phone parts wholesale distributor that guarantees you low rates, consistent quality, free overnight shipping with a simple RMA process.

Our integration with Injured Gadgets platform will allow you to:
  • View real-time Injured Gadgets' inventory without navigating from your account
  • Import the items you need from a real-time diverse product catalog
  • Choose the required items and map with your store’s inventory instantly
  • Add out of stock parts to your RepairDesk Purchase Order with a single click
  • Smartly map Injured Gadgets inventory and RepairDesk will remember it for the future imports
  • Avoid repeat items’ purchase and view the available stock right on the spot
  • Sync product images automatically & get notified on the status of your Purchase Order
  • Easily revert and rest the import process if anything goes wrong

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use this integration please watch this video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does this integration work in all countries?
A. Our integration with Injured Gadgets is supported in all countries

Q2. If I run SKU import wizard again in RepairDesk, will it create duplicate items?
A. If Injured Gadgets product SKU already exist in RepairDesk it will not create a duplicate item.

Q3. How can I map my RepairDesk categories with Injured Gadgets categories?
A. While running the import wizard, you can map Injured Gadgets categories with existing RepairDesk categories to avoid the duplication of categories as shown below.

Same mapping procedure can be applied to manufacturers and devices

Q4. When a new SKU is added on Injured Gadgets Website can I get a notification alert within RepairDesk?

A. Whenever a new SKU is added on Injured Gadgets website, you will receive an alert within 24 hours so that you can view a list of new SKUs and add selected SKUs to your inventory with a single click

Note: If you're having a problem and need assistance with API Token or inventory import setup please reach out to our live chat support or send us an email at

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