How to use Inventory / Service Bundles in iPad?

RepairDesk now allows you to access product and repair bundles from the iPad app. You can now add a bundles service or item in the cart just like on the web app.

Please click here to know more about Bundles on the web app. To use inventory / service bundles on iPad, simply follow these steps.

1- Log in to your store with the iPad POS Register.

2- Now go to repairs, select device and you will be shown the following screen where you will select the default or bundle issue.

The bundled services shown will be synced from the web. You can only view the services added from the web app. You cannot add it from the iPad app. 

Note: You can either select a bundled service or a default service. If you select a bundled service and then a default service, the bundled service will be unchecked and the default service will take precedence over it.

3- After adding the service item in the cart and clicking on it, the following pop will be shown to the user.

4- You can print the bundles by clicking on the Print Bundles button. To view the bundle details, simply click on the View Bundle Detail button.  

5- To view the serial, simply click on the Select Serial link. A pop will appear showing all the serials from where you can select one.

After the item is added in the cart, simply click on the Checkout button and create a ticket for the selected service item.

6- The process of adding a product bundle is the same (just like in the web app). Simply click on the Bundles tab and add a product to the cart.

Note: You can only change the price of the bundled item from the following pop up. The quantity cannot be changed in case of bundled items.

7- You can view the bundle details from the View Tickets and View Invoices section as well. The following images show the details of the bundle when you view these from the tickets and invoices section respectively.  

Important: You can only sell the bundles from the iPad. You cannot add it from the iPad. Only the bundles that are added from the web app will be synced to the iPad app.


Q. Can we add product / service bundles from the iPad app?

A. No. You can only sell the bundles from the iPad app. The bundles added from the web app will be synced on the iPad app.

Q. Can I change the price of the bundle from iPad app?

A. Yes. You can change the price of the bundle from the bundle pop up. However, you cannot change the quantity of the bundle.

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