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How to Set Up Review Automation BY SMS?

Google reviews aren’t optional - they’re essential. Without them, your cellphone repair shop risks getting ignored by both customers and search engines. They’re a major ranking factor in search and the first thing customers see when they search e.g. Phone repair shop near me”.

A lot of repair shops still rely on a QR code sign that averages about 6 reviews per month.

With the RepairDesk review automation by SMS option, you can generate hundreds of reviews without lifting a finger per year.

How to setup: 

Watch this video to learn how to set review automation by SMS

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I access this feature during the trial period of RepairDesk Connect? 
A: This feature is only available to merchants who are using the paid version of RepairDesk Connect.

Q: Do you have a recommendation on the SMS template for better conversion? 
A: We recommend using the following template for the SMS for optimal conversion "{Customer_Name}, This is {Employee_name} from {Store_name}. Wanted to follow up & see if you are satisfied with the service.

Note: Fields in { } brackets will be picked automatically by the software and will be replaced with the actual name.

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