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How to Add an Employee Account?

With the growth of your business you will need more resources to carry out your operations. Keeping this need of our clients, we have a very simple procedure which will enable you to add another employee in RepairDesk

In RepairDesk you can not only add employees, but you will also be able to define their roles and set permissions so that an employee has access only to its relevant role. To know more about how to set up roles and permissions in RepairDesk, check out this article where we have discussed it in great detail. 

In this article we will focus on how to add a new employee.

Note: Additional employee is subject to your RepairDesk package. Our Basic, Standard and Advanced packages provide 3, 10 and 30 user accounts respectively. If you want to add more user accounts than the prescribed limit, it will cost an additional $5 per new user. Please see our pricing packages for more details. 

Add an Employee
To add an employee, follow these steps: 

1. Go to Manage Employees under Employee Settings.
2. Click on "+ Employee" button to add a new employee.

3. On Add Employee screen, you can enter details such related to basic information and employee roles.
4. Under Basic Information, enter employee name, email and password.

5. Under Roles & Access, you can define employee roles (select from drop-down), hourly rate, access pin and select stores to which this employee would have access.

Note: Please note that by default assignment trigger will be ON for all employees who have access to a specific store. While creating a repair ticket, only names of those employees will be shown in Assignee field against which this trigger is enabled.

6. Once finished, click on Save button to add employee.

Add an Employee Role
To add a new employee you also need to set an employee role. For example, if you want to add a new employee, Jacob, who works in Sales, you need to first define sales role.

To set an employee role:
1. Head to Employee Roles under Settings.
2. Click on Add Role button.

3. A pop up screen will open where you can enter the name of the new employee role. Click on Add button to add new role.   

If you already have an employee role, you just need to select it while adding a new employee (See C. Add an Employee). 

Define Employee Role
Now that you have entered an employee role, you need to define it by setting out its permissions. By setting permission you can allow or restrict an employee from accessing, editing or deleting anything in different sections of RepairDesk.

To set up roles permissions:
1. Go to Roles Permissions settings under Employee Settings.  
2. Select a role from the drop-down menu.

3. Now you can define permissions for this employee role. Click on "+" to expand and "-" to collapse a section. Click on checkbox to enable permission to access, edit or delete anything from the relevant section. 

4. Once done, click on Save Changes button to preserve permission settings. 

Note: To grant an employee a super access level, allowing them to access and make changes in any section of RepairDesk, simply enable the trigger "Make this role a super user".


Q. Is there any option to search employee from manage employees?
A. yes !  you can search from manage employee, there is an option to search by employee name and email of that employee.

Q. How can I set up employee commissions?
A. Please refer to this article to know more about how to set commissions for employees.

Q. Can an employee update their own profile?
A. Sure! An employee can update their profile in RepairDesk to change their access pin or email address. To know more, please refer here

Q. Can I restrict employees from giving discounts and editing invoices?
A. Absolutely! In RepairDesk you can restrict employees from giving discounts, hide cost price from them, and restrict them from editing or deleting invoices, tickets, inventory and reports. To know more, please refer to FAQ section of this article

Q. How to setup default store for an employee?
A. You can set up default store for an employee while adding a new employee or updating a new one.
1. Head to Manage Employees section 
2. Click on Action button and select Edit.
3. Under Roles & Access tab, click on Default Store drop-down menu. 
4. Select a store from the drop-down menu and hit Save.
Now this store will be setup as default store for this employee. 

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