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How Can I Import Multiple Inventory Items in RepairDesk ?

RepairDesk offers a convenient way to import multiple inventory items using an Excel file in .xls or .xlsx format. This feature is especially beneficial when you have a large list of items to add, saving you considerable time and effort. Follow the steps below to import multiple inventory items:
1. Go to Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab to access the inventory management section.
2. Click on the Import button.

3. You can download a sample file in .xls or .xlsx format, which serves as a template to match the required format for importing your inventory.

4. Enter your inventory records in the downloaded file, ensuring that column headings match the data accurately.

5. Save the file once all changes have been made.
6. Click on Choose File and select the Excel file containing your inventory data from your system.

7. Click on Upload & Next to proceed to the next step.
8. On the mapping screen, confirm that the column headings in your imported file match the respective fields in RepairDesk.

9. Proceed to the Format Overview screen and review the mapping to ensure everything is correctly aligned.
10. Click on Next to proceed further.

11. If you have enabled a trigger to check the uniqueness of an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), make sure that each SKU is unique across items. If the trigger is enabled and the SKU is not unique or not entered against the item, it will appear in red during the third step of the upload process. Go to store settings and enable the option as shown below in the screenshot.

12. Review the changes made, and you will be taken to the last screen: Confirm or Roll Back. Click on Confirm if you are sure that all data is correct and to start the import process. If you have any doubts or want to revert back all changes, click on the Reset button. This will cancel all changes and take you back to the first screen.

13. After confirming the import, RepairDesk will notify you about how many items are new and how many are updated.
Should your inventory items exceed 500, a progress window will show the uploading progress to keep you informed.
Please note that you can add "Yes" or "No" in place of 1 or 0 for fields like Show on Widget, Show on POS, and Tax Inclusive.

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