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Register Sales

This report gives you the sales details against the payment methods with totals, discount, tax, payment received and account receivables. Register Sales is a cash based report which shows the data of the paid and partial paid invoices. Data of Unpaid invoices are not depicted in the report.

Report Search Filters

Store: You can select the store to run report for that specified store.

Date: Date filter can be applied on the basis of: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month and Custom Range.

Criteria: Criteria offer three criteria to filter down the report based on Employee, Customer and Method. When you check any or multiple criteria’s, then you have an option to filter the report against one or more employees, customers or methods (cash, stripe, offline credit card etc.).

Excel: You can export the report in Excel file.

PDF: PDF button allows you to generate the PDF file for the report.

Print: You can print the sales summary report by clicking the print button.

Report Columns

Store: This column gives the store name.

Invoice Date: You get invoice date in this column.

Invoice ID: Invoice ID is shown in this column.

Customer: Customer Name against the invoice is shown in this column.

Payment Method: Payment method for the invoice is depicted by this column.

Total: Total Amount for the invoice in shown in this column.

Discounts: Discounts in the invoice are shown in this column.

Tax: Tax against the invoice items is shown in this report column.

Payment Received: Received Payment against an invoice is shown in this column.

Account Receivables: Due or receivable amount against an invoice is depicted by this column.

Action: View button gives the invoice details in a pop-up.

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