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Through the RepairDesk Loyalty module, customers can earn dollars to spend in your store with every purchase they make. The aim of this feature is to increase customer retention and to provide you with valuable information about your customer base.

Refer to the Knowledge Base Article here to learn more on how to set up the module for the RepairDesk web app.

Issuing Loyalty points

Once you have enabled and set up the module on the web app, you can offer loyalty dollars to your customers on transactions made from the iPad app. To offer loyalty for customers, follow these steps:

  1. Log In to your RepairDesk account.
  2. Search for a customer on the POS screen and create an invoice following the process described here.
  3. When an invoice is fully paid by a customer, they will receive loyalty dollars depending on the set criteria.
  4. You can also enable/disable loyalty for a specific customer from the iPad app by opening the customer in edit mode as shown below.

Similarly you can also enable/disable the loyalty while adding the customer.
Note: You will not be able to see this trigger in case of third party customers on iPad.

You can also issue and void loyalty manually to a customer. By clicking on + icon along with enable disable button, you will get the following popup

Loyalty can be issued/voided based on the selected "type". If the type is selected as "Issue" then loyalty points will be issued to the customer. If the type is selected as "Void" then loyalty points will be deducted/reverted from user account.

Redeeming Loyalty

If the customer already has Loyalty points issued to them, then the Loyalty Points option will be visible among the payment methods on the Checkout screen.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program iPad Image 2

If your customer wants to pay the invoice using their Loyalty Points, select Loyalty Points as a payment method on the Checkout screen. You will then be redirected to the following screen, where you can enter the number of loyalty dollars that will be redeemed and the reason for redeeming loyalty points. Once you’re done, tap the Confirm button.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program iPad Image 3

On tapping the Confirm button, the payment will be processed and the Loyalty dollars you have entered will be deducted from the customer’s existing Loyalty dollars balance. Your customer can also make split payments between their Loyalty points and any other payment method.

You can view the payment details in the Invoices section and view the methods through which your customer has paid the invoice.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program iPad Image 4

You can view the payment details for loyalty points in the Transaction Log report as well.

RepairDesk Loyalty Program iPad Image 5


Q. Can loyalty dollars be issued on partially-paid invoices?
A. No. Loyalty points can only be issued on invoices that have been paid in full. The Loyalty feature should be enabled against both the product and the customer in order to issue loyalty points to them. In case an invoice is partially paid and the user adds a full payment for that particular invoice, later on, loyalty dollars will be issued only when the invoice is paid in full. 

Q. Can we issue loyalty points to walk-in customers?
A. No. Loyalty points can only be issued and redeemed for customers who are entered in the system. No loyalty points can be issued or redeemed for walk-in customers.   

Q. Can we refund an invoice through loyalty points?
A. If an invoice is either partially or completely refunded from the iPad, the loyalty points issued for that invoice will also be refunded, i.e. they will be deducted from the customer’s total loyalty points. Also, while refunding an invoice, the Loyalty Points payment method will be disabled, refunds through loyalty points are currently not being offered in RepairDesk.

Q. Will the customer receives an email/ SMS for any loyalty points issued/redeemed from the iPad?
A. If the setting for email notifications for the Loyalty module is set from the web app, the customer will receive the email (depending on the setting from the web app) when any loyalty points are issued, redeemed or refunded.

Q. Can I award referral loyalty points to customers from iPad POS Register?

A. Yes definitely. You can offer referral loyalty points to customers using iPad POS Register as shown below

Referral loyalty points set from web will be awarded to selected referral customer.
Note: Please note that once the referral customer has been selected, you cannot update or change the referral source.  

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