Getting Started with RepairDesk iPad POS Register

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Our integration with Customer Facing Display has made it easy for you to intake customer signatures while the order is being processed. Simply by enabling this integration from RepairDesk website, head to the left side menu bar in RepairDesk iPad POS Register app and select Customer Facing Display to enable it from iPad.

Once it’s enabled, when you create a repair ticket or invoice and hit Checkout, you will get the following pop-up indicating that you have to wait for customer confirmation on order screen. 

At the same time, the following screen will be displayed on the screen facing the customer where they can enter their signatures and confirm the order. 

For more details on how to use this integration, please follow the link to our knowledge base article here

2.8 Clock In/Clock Out

Clock In/Clock Out feature allows you to manage the timings of employees and get to know for how much time your employees are working. We have made this feature available for you but please make sure that shift settings are enabled from your RepairDesk account.

2.9 Shift Management

If you have lots of employees working in multiple shifts then it’s nothing difficult now to manage them in our RepairDesk iPad POS Register app. Simply use Cash In/Out, Clock In/Clock Out option from left side menu to manage cash and employee shifts. Remember you can use these options only when a shift has been started.

On more details about how to start a shift and setup register, please follow the link here.

2.9.1 Cash Management

RepairDesk iPad POS Register app allows you to manage cash flowing in/out of the system during a specific employee shift. You can reconcile cash on starting/ ending the shift but please make sure that shift has been started

For further description, please follow the link to our article.

2.10 Reporting

To make it easy for you to understand the transactions history and keep the track record of all transactions for your business, we have allowed you to get Transaction log Report against all transactions that take place in the system.

To get the report, head to left side menu bar and hit Transactions log report. The report will be displayed on your iPad screen as shown below.


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