How do I subscribe or upgrade my subscription? (Billing)

So you enjoyed your free trial of RepairDesk and now you have decided to subscribe. Great! Welcome Aboard! 
You might be wondering how to subscribe or upgrade your subscription plan. No worries!

Just the follow the instructions and you're good to go! 

1. Login to RepairDesk.
2. Click on the Menu Button on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select Billing from the drop down menu. 
4. Now you'll be taken to the Billing Screen.
5. Click on Add Billing Details button.

6. Select the plan which best meets your business needs. You can either go for Monthly Plans or Annual Plans

7. You can also upgrade your store locations and add extra users to your subscription plan. 

Note: For additional user accounts you'd have to pay $5 per additional user. For an extra store location, you'd be charged $60.  


8. If you've received any promotional coupon code for discount, then enter it under promotional code field and click on Apply Code button. 

9. Once you've selected the plan, click on Pay Now button to subscribe. 

10. A pop up screen will open where your  will be asked to enter your details such as Email, Name, Street, City, ZIP Code and Country. Once entered, click on Payment Info. 

11. On the Payment screen, you will be asked to enter your card details, such as card number, CVC, phone number etc. Once finished, click on the Pay Amount button and you'll be subscribed to your selected plan. 


Q. How long are your contracts? Can I change plans at any time?
A. You can upgrade, downgrade or make changes to your plan at any time. If for any reason you don’t like RepairDesk we are happy to refund your last payment in full.

Q. Is the trial really free?
A. No credit card is required to start your trial, so try RepairDesk with no strings attached.

Q. What happens at the end of my trial?
A. Pick up one of our plans that suits your requirements. Your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your settings, customization, and data remain intact). At the end of your trial period if you decide not to go ahead, your account will expire.

Q. How can I update my card details?
A. Updating your card details is a very simple. 

1. Just head to the Billing Section under Menu button. 
2. You will be able to see your subscribed plan and its details. 
3. Click on the Update Card button to add or update details of your Debit/ Credit Card. 

Please see below-attached screenshot for further clarification. 

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