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How Can I Use UnlockBase Integration? - *Discontinued*

Now you can effectively boost your Network Unlocking Business with RepairDesk's UnlockBase API Integration.  

In order to enable UnlockBase Integration you have to perform the following steps:

A. Create API Key

1. Login to your UnlockBase account.

2. On the UnlockBase Dashboard, go to XML_API.

3. Under API Key Management, you can see your API Key. To create a new key, click on Regenerate My Key button.

B. Integrate with RepairDesk

1. Login to RepairDesk.

2. Go to Settings >> Integrations.

3. Click on UnlockBase API Integration.

4. On the UnlockBase API integration page, enter the following information:

Supplier Type: Select UnlockBase from the drop-down menu.
Supplier Name: Enter the name of unlocking service - UnlockBase
API Key: Enter the API Key you generated on your UnlockBase Account. 
Active: Enable this trigger to activate UnlockBase API Integration.

5. Click on Save Changes button to enable API. 

Note: Make sure that Supplier Name is entered correctly i.e. UnlockBase, because this name will appear as supplier while mapping unlocking products. If you entered a supplier name and mapped items with another supplier, the integration will not work properly.  

C. Map Products:
Once you have successfully added supplier details and it starts displaying credits info on the configuration page the next step is to MAP product that are listed under unlock tab with your supplier. Product mapping is essential to run this integration and if the mapping is incorrect, UnlockBase API Integration will not work. 

To map an unlock here's what you need to do:

1. Go to Inventory >> Manage Repairs >> Unlocks.

2. Open an unlocking service.

3. Select supplier from the drop-down menu, i.e. UnlockBase

4. Once you have selected supplier as UnlockBase, you will be able to view unlocking services of UnlockBase under Map Product drop-down menu. Map the unlocking item with one of the unlocking services. You need to map an unlocking product with its respective unlocking service.

So if you are mapping, say, "Verizon USA iPhone 6 Unlock" with "FRANCE Bouygues All iPhone" then this would be an example of incorrect mapping and consequently the integration will not work. Without mapping, integration doesn't work for unlocking order of same service.  

5. Click on Save and update unlock service. 

D. Use on POS
1. Go to Point-of-Sale (POS) screen of RepairDesk.

2. Click on Unlocking tab. 

3. Now you can request network unlocks to UnlockBase by creating an unlocking job. Once finished you will be notified by UnlockBase that specific network has been unlocked for the given IMEI.

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