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How Can I Process Warranty Claim for Repair Services?

If you're in the repair industry, you know that warranty claims are inevitable. Faulty parts, incomplete repair or other issues may force an angry customer to bang at your doors. At this time of panic, you are lost in verifying if the warranty is still applicable or not and how to address multiple types of warranty issues!

But fret not! RepairDesk is here to help and make your life easy. This is why we have redesigned our warranty functionality. Now you can add warranty on all repair services by default so that when a customer comes back during warranty period, you can quickly perform warranty repair and ticket history is updated accordingly.

The first step is to setup warranty duration against each replacement part in inventory. You can either do this manually or via .CSV import.

I. Setting Warranty for Repair Services

A. Setting Individual Warranty on Repair Services

You can set warranty against the repair services which you offer in RepairDesk. 

To set warranty for individual repair services, follow these steps:
1. Head to Inventory.
2. Select Manage Services.
3. Open Repairs.
4. Select Repair Service
5 Under Product Info tab, set warranty against repair service. 
6. Hit Save.

B. Default Warranty on Repair Services

You can also set default warranty for all repair services
. However, if a repair service has its warranty set independently then it would override the default warranty applicable to all repair services. 

To set default warranty on all repairs:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Module Configuration and select Repairs from the left side menu. 
3. Under the option "Default Warranty Period for Repairs", select warranty period. In one field enter warranty period and from the drop-down menu, select days, months or years. 
4. Click on Save button to implement changes. 

C. Via POS
You can also set warranty while creating a repair ticket on the details page of POS. 

II. Process for Warranty Claim:
During warranty period, if a customer faces a problem and visits you for a warranty claim you can check remaining warranty period, issue refund, create an RMA or perform a warranty repair. 

Warranty starts for a repair once its status has been updated to Repaired, Completed or Repaired & Collected. Once status is updated to the following, warranty becomes effective from that day onward. 

1. On the POS screen, click on Warranty Claim.

2. In the pop up screen, search a device by IMEI/ Serial or bring search for a specific invoice or ticket for warranty claim.

3. Hit Search to view Device Details. You can also see the warranty status and remaining duration in warranty. At the bottom, you can see Repair History, showing you the details about previous repairs. 

4. Click on Action button to view options such as In Warranty Repair or Issue Refund.
Following is a brief description of these options:

a.) In Warranty Repair - You can offer to repair customer's phone without any additional cost. 
b.) Issue Refund - You can refund the amount to customer against the repair

Note: Created date refer to the date when the repair service was added. Sold date refers to the date when a repair ticket was create, or a part/ accessory/ mobile was sold to customer. 

5. Selecting In Warranty Repair will open the ticket on POS with price automatically set as zero, if warranty is still active. Enter specific details and create a new ticket for this in-warranty repair. 

6. If a repair has run out of warranty, clicking on the Action button will display Out of Warranty option. 

Click on it to create a new repair ticket. This will open the details page while creating a new ticket for the repair job. 

Note: Please note if its a repair item it will only display repair info, if the repair ticket has been marked as repaired & collected & invoice is marked as paid. If its an inventory item it will display information if the invoice is marked as paid.


Q. How to claim the warranty for trade-in devices?

A. You will only be able to claim the warranty for those trade-in devices which has been sold. In order to claim the warranty of the sold trade-in item, you have to go to POS and click on the warranty claim button.

Once you will click on the warranty claim button you would see the following popup

Search the trade-in devices on the basis of any given criteria and hit the search button. After clicking on the search button you will see two options under the action dropdown:

1- In warranty repair
2- Issue a refund

If you want to create a warranty repair ticket then click on the In warranty repair option and if you want to issue a refund instead of creating In warranty repair ticket then click on the Issue refund option.

Q. How can I create a RMA against a bad part?
While processing warranty claim for bad parts you can create RMA & print label with a single click. For more information, please click here.
Q. How to claim warranty for a repair part?
A. Please check this article to know how to claim warranty for a repair part. 

Q. Can I issue refund?
A. Yes. You can utilize the Issue Refund option from Claim Warranty. Once selected, the item/ device is added to the basket on POS. Head to checkout to issue a refund for customer.

To know more about Refund, please click here.

Q. How to claim warranty for Mobiles and Accessories?
A. Warranty claim feature can also be used for Accessories and Mobiles. This is really useful if you sell used mobiles and offer warranty on it or sell brand new mobiles and need to offer 12 months warranty on them. To do so first you need to create serial numbers for accessories or mobiles. You can also specify warranty while creating serials. Once serial numbers are created, you can process warranty for accessories or mobile phones. Just click on Warranty Claim button on POS, enter the IMEI or Serial Number and hit Search. Warranty information for the concerned accessory or mobile will be displayed and you can perform various actions such as in warranty repair or issue refund.

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