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How to copy the original ticket notes into the warranty repair ticket?

A customer walks in and gave his cell phone to you for repair. After the repair, you gave him 30 days warranty. The customer comes back within the warranty time period and he complains that the device is still not working properly. As the device falls under the warranty time period, you have to create an in-warranty repair ticket to fix the device issue again. But now there might be a possibility that the previous technician will not get the chance to repair that device again.

Now the main concern is how the new technician will get to know about the previous fixes or issues of this device. It will only be possible if the old repair ticket would have some diagnostic or internal notes added by the previous tech and those notes should be available to the warranty repair ticket so the new technician could understand the previous issues or fixes about the device like what was fixed by the previous tech etc.

So, how you can make it possible to have the same diagnostic and internal notes of the old repair ticket in the new in-warranty repair ticket?

In order to copy notes of the old original repair ticket into the warranty repair ticket, you have to enable the trigger available under the module configurations of the ticket.

1- Go to Settings.

2- Click on Module Configuration.

3- Click on the Tickets from the left side.

4- Enable the trigger Copy notes from the original ticket notes to the warranty repair ticket.

Important note: The notes added against the specific repair will be copied from the original ticket to the warranty repair ticket.

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