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How to Import/Export Customer List?

RepairDesk enables you to download your customer list in just one click, along with giving you the option to add multiple customers in one go via Import Customer functionality.

Export Customers

Download the list of all of your customers via Export Customer functionality. In Manage Customer section, click on Import Customer or select Export Customer option from the drop-down menu. A CSV file consisting of customer records will be downloaded to your system.


Import Customers

Tired of adding customers one by one? Add multiple customers to RepairDesk with Import Customer functionality.

On Manage Customers page, click on Import Customer button. 

From the drop-down menu, select Import Customer. You will be taken to another screen. Here you can download a sample CSV file to ensure that data is mapped accordingly in your CSV file. 

After making changes in your customer CSV file, click on Choose File button to select file from your computer system.

Once selected, hit the Import Customers button, and voila! All customers in your file will be added to RepairDesk as individual customer records. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I see the custom fields in the exported data file?
A. Yes, the exported file will have custom field data as well.

Q. Is there any report to maintain export logs?
A. Yes you can keep track of all your exports from the export logs report listed under the employee reports sections

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