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Learn More About Integrated Phone System


6. You can use your current number for this integration if you are already using RD SMS.

7. You can also attach recordings of greetings for a call.

8. You can also set the greeting for a call by typing a specific greeting message then it will automatically convert that written greeting message into voice.

9. Now, You can add the specific You can also set up the different extensions, click on the Add Extension button on 3CX Portal

10. Once the extensions are created from the 3CX Portal then their status will be shown as active and the extension will be assigned to that specific representative/user

11. Once the extension is created there will be QR code option available which would allow you to login to your 3CX application by scanning that QR Code. This can be done from your dedicated 3CX Portal.

Setup IVR

Interactive voice response - IVR or Digital Receptionist is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu. It then performs actions based on the answers of the caller through the telephone keypad or their voice response. Digital Receptionist option on your 3CX portal will allow you create all the routing rules for your operational activities.

12. Once Extensions are set up on 3CX Portal the user can set up IVR (Interactive voice response) from Digital Receptionist option. Users can set that by clicking a certain number you can route to a specific extension.

13. There will be some predefined actions available in IVR and You can also add your own actions by clicking on the add new condition button

14. After adding the new conditions you just need to hit the Save button.

You have set up the configurations successfully. You’re good to go now.

Call log

20. If you want to see the call history of the customer then you just need to switch to the call log tab

21. After clicking on the Call log tab, you will see the following information under the Call log tab

Automation - Canned Responses

22. You can now send SMS messages to both known and unknown callers directly from the Automation Section on the integration.

23. Write SMS Content in the section for every call you missed or every call you receive.

24. The canned responses for missed calls, providing a quick and efficient way to respond to customers who were unable to connect.

25. You can mention store information & other ways to contact.

Setup your office hours using 3CX Web Portal

Yes, you can change the office hours by going to the office hours settings in the groups from 3CX dedicated portal.

Select a specific day when you don’t want to receive any calls
Delete that specific day from out of office hour setup to not receive calls for that day every week.

Increase the ring time from your 3CX portal
On your 3CX portal, the ring time can be changed & increased from Call Handling → Users. By default, the value for ring time is 20 seconds.

Login into your Mobile App or get your user credentials using the 3CX web application 

1- After enabling the integrated phone system
2- You need to go to the 3CX Portal with your credentials.
3- Just look for Users from the side navigation bar.
4- Open the specific user to view the details.
5- Scan QR code to login into your user account.

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