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How does the POS section work?

Watch this video to learn more about setting up your POS using Repairdesk.

The Point of Sale (POS) feature in Repairdesk allows you to easily book repair jobs, sell items, and handle trade-ins or casual purchases from one convenient screen. This documentation will guide you through the various functions and options available in the POS feature.

To access the POS feature, log in to your Repairdesk account and navigate to the main dashboard. Look for the "POS" option and click on it.

  • For unlocking device, click on ‘Unlock tab’

  • To add products click on ‘Products’ tab.

  • To add Trade In click on ‘Trade In’ tab

You can add details about your customer by clicking on the plus sign in front of the customer's name.

A new popup will appear where you will add all the relevant details about your customer.

You can also enable SMS or email feature for the specific customer.

Outstanding Balance Alert:

When a user adds or loads a customer in the POS, check if there is any outstanding balance or flagged notes for that customer.

If there is an outstanding balance or flagged notes, it will display an alert popup.If user clicks on the 'Outstanding Balance', the system will redirect the user to the invoice listing page.

  1. Automatic Filters:
    • Apply filters automatically on the invoice listing page based on available customer details.
    • If the customer has an email, apply the filter for that email.
    • If the email is not available, apply the filter based on the phone number.
    • If neither email nor phone number is available, search invoices based on the customer name.
  2. Invoice Status Filter:
    • Apply filters for invoice status to show unpaid and partially paid invoices.

Let's take an example, you want to repair a tablet. Click on the "Tablet Repair" button to add a device.

Click "Apple" or any other company from which your device belongs.

Suppose it's iPad 9. Click on "iPad Pro 12"

Select relevant service. Costs here are preset by you.


Note: Now you can also skip Part selection buy enabling a trigger in module configuration;

May be a graphic of text that says Skip Part Selection in POS POS Home Settings Well ransaction ticket Invoice msfrom POS P discount must onPOS Repair Brand Save Device Problem Parts Details RepairDesk

If you want to add any part then Click "ADD PART"

If it's in your inventory then click on inventory item, either way Click "SPECIAL PART ORDER" to purchase anything from outside

Add relevant details for your part.


Add relevant details of the device

If the device is locked by a passcode then Click "Passcode" and add the passcode in the field.

If it's locked by pattern, then Click "Pattern Lock". A new popup will appear where you will draw a pattern and Click "Save"

To add any diagnostic notes Click the "Diagnostic Note" field and add your note.

Repair charges are calculated automatically but you can add or subtract from here as per your discussion with the customer.

Screenshot of Repair charges are calculated automatically but you can add or subtract from here as per your discussion with the customer

To add device's pre-repair condition Click "Device Pre-Repair Condition Checklist"

You can use dropdowns (pass/fail) to quickly add device's condition

Now you can add pre repair condition images as well by capturing using your webcam or uploading  pictures

To take customer's signature, click on the three dot and click 'In-take customer signature'

If you're using an iPad, you can take customer signatures directly on the device. Otherwise, use mouse.

Screenshot of If youre using an iPad you can take customer signatures directly on the device Otherwise use mouse

Click the "I accept terms and conditions" button then click 'save'.

Screenshot of Click the I accept terms and conditions button then click save

To manage custom fields click on three dots and click "Manage Custom Fields"

Check fields and then click "Save Changes"

Screenshot of Check fields and then click Save Changes

At the end, click "CONFIRM"

Order will appear on your left

 To proceed with the payment and checkout process, click "Checkout."

The POS feature in Repairdesk optimizes and streamlines the entire repair and sales process, providing you with a powerful tool to manage your repair business efficiently

Click "Confirm" if everything is ok.

After checkout, the system automatically creates a repair ticket, sends an SMS and an email notification to the customer. You can print a receipt or a mini receipt to attach to the device. Receipts and emails generated by Repairdesk are professional and HTML5-based.

You can print a thermal receipt, device sticker or invoice.


Q: How to Turn Off Outstanding Customer Balance?

The "Hide Outstanding Balance Alert on POS" trigger is available under the module configuration of POS.

Settings > Module Configuration > POS

When you will enable this trigger. the outstanding alert popup will not be displayed on POS when a customer with outstanding balance is added or loaded.

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