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How to process payments through Paymentsense in RepairDesk?

RepairDesk plus PaymentSense provides retailers in the UK and Ireland a complete POS system and card payment solution that makes it even easier to accept any type of retail payment. Paymentsense is a financial technology company providing card payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland. By integrating with PaymentSense, you can add following benefits to your business:


1.    Speed up sales with automated payment

RepairDesk and PaymentSense connect seamlessly to save you time. Data syncs directly between your payment terminal and RepairDesk account, helping to eliminate end-of-day reconciliations and manual entry at checkout.

2.    Less disruptions and more support

Get selling quickly, with an easy setup and compliance process, plus 24/7 support. Receive a replacement terminal in just 48 hours if yours breaks, and get automatic till roll replacements when you’re running low.

3. Sell more across multiple stores and channels

Access RepairDesk’s unmatched multi-location and advanced inventory tools and analytics. Centrally manage all your locations and sales channels in real time, from any device — including products, customers and staff.

 How To Integrate?

You need to follow the steps below to setup the integration.

1. Connecting With PaymentSense Terminal

From Integrations section --> Select PaymentSense and you will be directed to following page from where you can connect to PaymentSense device by entering host address and API Key.

Hit Connect and a pop-up will appear asking you to select the PaymentSense terminal with which you want to connect.

Hit Save Changes and your RepairDesk account will be connected to selected PaymentSense terminal as shown below.

Hit Save and you are ready to go with PaymentSense integration.

Note: Please note that this integration is set store wise and you will have to set separate terminal for each store.

2. Processing Payments From POS

Now when you create ticket or invoice from POS and Hit Checkout, you will get the following pop-up from where you have to select PaymentSense as the payment method.

On entering the payment amount and hitting Process Payment, you will get the following popup indicating that transaction has been started.

After a few seconds, it will ask you to tap, swipe or insert card on PaymentSense terminal.

Note: Please note that transaction can only be dismissed until the card has been inserted, tapped or swiped. Once the card is inserted, tapped or swiped and transaction is completed, it will not be possible to dismiss the transaction.

Also in case if you have not inserted, tapped or swiped the card, transaction will be declared as failed in 200 seconds and you can hit dismiss option to conduct transaction again.

On swiping, tapping or inserting the card, you will get the following pop-up asking you to enter the card pin through PaymentSense Terminal.

On entering card pin through PaymentSense terminal, transaction will process and a connection will be established between the card and RepairDesk account against which the payment is being made.

On successful establishment of connection, transaction will be approved and you will get the following pop-up alongwith merchant copy receipt generated through PaymentSense device.

Note: After approval, it is important to remove the card from PaymentSense device. Otherwise it will not allow you to proceed further without removing the card.

On removal of card, you will get the following message indicating that transaction has been successful and customer copy receipt will be generated from PaymentSense device.

Hit dismiss button to close this pop-up and Confirm button to log the transaction in system. On confirmation, you will get the message that print job is sent to google cloud print.

3. Refunding Payments Through PaymentSense

Invoices made through PaymentSense can only be refunded through PaymentSense. To know how to refund an invoice in RepairDesk, please follow the link here.

On hitting refund, you need to repeat the same process as described above.

Transaction will process, merchant receipt will be generated through PaymentSense device asking the customer to add his signatures and it will ask you to remove the card once refund is successful.

On removing the card, customer copy receipt will be generated and you will get the following pop-up at your end asking you if you want to take customer signatures.

On hitting Yes, it will ask you to verify customer signatures from receipt generated and transaction will be marked as completed and it will redirect you to confirm the transaction.

On hitting No, it will give the following pop-up asking you to reverse the transaction if it’s processed wrongly.

By clicking dismiss, pop-up will be closed and hit Confirm to log the transaction in system.

4. PaymentSense Report

At end of day report is generated from PaymentSense device which reflects the transactions made from PaymentSense. On hitting end shift, you will get an option to generate PaymentSense End of Day report as shown below.

Note: In case if the shift has not been started and transactions are made through paymentsense , then End of Day report can be viewed from Reports Section as shown below.


Q1. Can we process partial payments through PaymentSense?

A.  Yes definitely, you can make partial payments through PaymentSense by changing the payment amount in amount field while processing the transaction.

Q2. Does PaymentSense support partial refund?

A.    Yes you can offer partial refund through PaymentSense following the process as described in knowledgebase article here.

Q3. Does PaymentSense works only for customers in UK and Ireland?

A. Yes this integration works only for customers in UK and Ireland.

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