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Introduction to Marketplace

What is a marketplace?

Using the marketplace integration, you can order directly from the POS system with the click of a button. Repair desk marketplace helps you keep your inventory updated  hassle-free. You can order all of your essentials from your favourite suppliers at your agreed prices.

Benefits of Repairdesk marketplace:

  1. Repairdesk marketplace provides an Integrated ordering experience
  2. You get access to all of your vendors on a centralised marketplace
  3. You can order inventory without having to leave your POS system
  4. Once you order, a purchase order will be created in your system automatically
  5. Ordered items will be automatically be populated in the inventory of the POS
  6. A purchase order will be automatically generated
  7. Products can be imported into the POS in a matter of seconds through scanning as Market Place fetches all the other data itself
  8. You can order low stock items bought from partnered vendors in a couple of clicks
  9. You can directly import a new product and attach it into a ticket on the POS

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