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How Can I Export Repair Tickets To Excel Format?

Now RepairDesk gives you the option to download a record of your repair tickets in the form of an Excel (.xls) file

You can run a search filter of open or completed repair tickets during a certain time frame and export the entire database to Excel (.xls) format.

To get this Excel (.xls) file:

1. Set parameters in Search Filter.
2. Click on Search button.
3. Now click on Export Tickets button to download a excel format file. This file with contain details of tickets according to your search criteria.

Once the file is downloaded you would be able to view:

Ticket ID - Unique ID of the Repair Ticket
Customer - Name of customer
Devices - Devices associated with repairs
Tasks - Repair job
IMEI/ Serial - IMEI or Serial Number of Device
Task Type - What kind of repair job is it? (in-store, in warranty etc.)
Created By - Employee who created the ticket
Assigned To - Employee to whom ticket was assigned
Status - Status of repair ticket e.g. pending, repaired etc.
Created Time - Date and time on which ticket is created
Due On - Date on which repair job is set to be completed
Price - Retail or sales price
Discount - Discount on Price
Tax - Tax applied.
Total - Total amount of repair job


Q. I'm from Europe and the price format we use consists of comma (,) as decimal separator. Can it be reflected in Export Tickets file?
A. Definitely! If you are using comma  as decimal separator in prices it will display price as 19,99 which is used in Europe and South America.

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