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Difference in Sales Reports

RepairDesk offer a large number of Sales Reports to facilitate its customers. However, when you use different Sales Reports, you may get difference in the totals. Below is the description of what makes these totals different in the various Sales Reports:

Multi Store Report
Multi store report offered by RepairDesk is accrual based. Total sales is counted and shown in the report when the invoice is generated, despite of the fact whether invoice is paid or unpaid. Overall discount is shown in this report.

Location Sales by Item Type
Location Sales by Item Type is an accrual based report like the multi store report. This report shows type wise data like Accessories, casual, Trade in etc. It shows the in-line discount as report is line wise while overall discount is not available in this report. 
Report Formula:
Type wise data in the date range with line wise discount.

Location Daily Sales
Location Daily Sales report is accrual based and it shows the Sales, COGS, Net Profit and Tax on the basis of filter. Filter can be applied based on customer requirement, weekly monthly and last month
Report Formula:
Invoices (paid or unpaid) by Invoice Date, in the selected date range

Location Payment Method
Location Payment Method is a cash based report. Data is fetched in the report when transaction is completed. Refund is depicted in the Payment Method out (like Cash out) while received payment is depicted in the Payment Method in (like cash in).

Register Sales
Register Sales is a cash based report which shows the data of the paid and partial paid invoices. Data of Unpaid invoices are not depicted in the report. This report may show different data as compared to the Total Revenue by Sales, Main dashboard, and Sales Summary and Multistore reports as these reports are accrual based. Register Sales report may show different amount in Account receivables as it shows partial paid invoices (cash based report) whereas main dashboard (Accrual based) show overall Account receivables.

Transaction Log Report
This report shows the shift and Manual in/out data. Trade in purchase data is also included in the report so its values may differ from the Total Revenue by Sales Report. This report can differ from other reports as it contain expense entries.

Tax Report
Tax report offered by RepairDesk is an accrual based report. Data depicts the values at the time of invoice creation. Data is shown on the basis of tax class. Values shown in this report may differ in case of Register Sales (Cash Based), Location Payment Method report (Cash Based), Total Revenue by Sales (Accrual basis), Total Amount by Payment type (Cash Based) and Total Revenue by customer report Accrual Basis.

Invoice Listing Page
Total Sales in the invoice listing page are shown on the basis of number of invoice selection. Like if you select 10 invoices from the listing, then only 10 invoices will show on the same page.  All the stats on manage invoice will be based on selected number of invoices and that is why it can differ from the dashboard or other reports.

Difference in case of discount between Web and iPad App
Overall discount is implemented in the web app of RepairDesk but it is not available in the iPad App. iPad App only offers inline discount.  

Sales Summary Report
Sales summary is an accrual based report to view the sales based on types (Repairs, unlocking, products, trade in and casual). It shows the overall discounts with the payments received and account payable. If user wants to see the individual details, then user can click on type (Repairs, unlocking, products, trade in and casual) and view the sales, inline discount, COGS and net profit.  

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