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How do I create an invoice from ticket screen?

You can create an invoice from a ticket if you have already created a ticket from POS as well as from Create Ticket screen. 

If you would like to generate an invoice against a repair ticket just click on the "Make Invoice" button. 

Once you click on Make Invoice, the ticket will be converted into an invoice. Add relevant details and click on Save to create an invoice against the ticket. 

 You can view invoices created from POS or directly from Make Invoice page, by heading to Manage Invoices section in RepairDesk or by clicking on View Invoices button on POS screen. 

If you create a ticket form manage ticket then you don't need to create invoice .upon saving fo ticket invoice is automatically created, and you can view the invoice.


Q: Is there any option to stop the auto-creation of invoices while using manage tickets?

A. Yes, you can manage it through the trigger in the Store Setting. Go to the Module Configuration section and then the Tickets Tab.
You can also restrict the notifications to create an invoice unless the ticket is marked as repaired or completed, by enabling the trigger named as "Don’t show a notification to create an invoice unless the repair is completed."

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