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Multi-Store Report


The RepairDesk multi-store sales breakdown report is designed to allow multi-store owners to easily view store-wise summaries and evaluate the progress of stores by comparing them against each other in a single report.

1. Why it is important for your business?

The multi-store sales breakdown report can add value to your business by enabling you to:
  • Easily compare the progress of multiple stores
  • Keep a track record of sales generated from repairs, unlocking, accessories, trade-in, casuals, cost of goods sold, discount given, tax paid, gross profit, and profit margin on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Compare and contrast profit margins from each store to see which store is performing well.
  • Export and print data of multiple stores in a single Excel or PDF file with ease.

2. Search Filters

The multi-store sales report comes with a variety of filters to make it easy for you to filter data according to your requirements. You can filter data Store Wise and Date Wise to get information about a specific store for a particular time period. Follow the steps below to filter the report.

Select Store Filter: Use the select store filter to view data for a particular store. You can select multiple stores at the same time.
Date Filter: To apply a date filter, click on the calendar icon and the calendar will be displayed. To view the report for a specific time period, click on the start date and drag it to the end date for which you want to display the report.
Note: To filter data for daily, weekly, or monthly basis, the calendar offers options to automatically mark the dates. To jump directly to the current date on the calendar, double click on any date in the same month, and it will filter the report to display data for that particular date.
Once you have selected the required filters, hit the Run Report button to get the filtered report.
Another way to filter the report on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is by using toggles appearing on the right side of the report.

3. Export Options

Once you have applied the desired filters, you can take further actions on the generated report:

  • Print
  • PDF
  • CSV

3. Columns

The report has been divided into multiple columns to display various fields that sum up the results of multiple transactions. The details of each column are explained below:

  • Store Name: Shows the list of all available stores of your business.
  • Repairs: hows the total sales generated by repair transactions for each store.
  • Unlocking: Shows the total sales generated by unlocking transactions for each store.
  • Products: Reflects the effect of accessory item sales in the products column.
  • Trade-in: Shows the sum of all trade-in transactions for a particular store.
  • Casual: Represents the sum of all transactions related to causal items.
  • Discount: Shows the sum of discounts given against every transaction.
  • Total Tax: Displays the sum of tax value applied to all transactions.
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): Reflects the total cost of goods sold.
  • Avg Sales: Average sales are calculated by dividing the total sales amount by the total number of days selected.
Avg Sales = Total Sales / Number of Days Selected
  • Net Profit: The total net profit earned by a store is reflected in this column. It is calculated using the following formula:
Net Profit = Sale Price - Discount - Cost of Goods Sold
Sale Price = Retail Price + Tax
  • Margin: This column shows the percentage of profit generated on sales and is calculated by the following formula:
Profit Margin = (Net Profit / Sale Price - Discount) * 100
  • Payment Received: Shows the amount of payment received against invoices.

Contact Support

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please visit our website or email us at Our support team is ready to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.


Q. Does this report shows the impact of refund transactions?

A. Definitely it shows the impact of refund transaction as well. In case of refund, the values in respective columns will be subtracted from current total value.

Q. Does the value for discount includes both inline and overall discount?

A. Yes, the value of discount shown in this report is the sum of inline as well as overall discount.

Q . Is there any option to view average transaction size?
User can view average transaction size by clicking the amount under repair, unlocking, Products and causal.

Note: user can view the details description by clicking the tooltip provided.

Q. Is there any option to view franchise fee against each store?
Yes, you can add franchise fee from store settings.  To view Franchise Setup  Click Here

Once you have set up the franchise setup, a column will be displayed on the multi-store report from where you can view the franchise fee against each store.

Note: If user doesn't set franchise fee aganist any store then this colunm will not be available in the report. but if user adds franchise fee for any of its store then clounm will be displayed aganist all other store .

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