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Getting Started with Appointments Pro

How to Install Appointments Pro

Navigate to Repairdesk and click on the "+" icon.

Select "Appointments Pro"

Click on "Install"

You should now be able to see the "Appointments Pro" Icon on the right side.

When you install Appointments Pro, you will have two options to set it up.

Option 1: Manual Setup

It allows you to set up your devices from scratch. You can begin by creating device categories tailored to your service offerings. Next, specify brands and models within each category to provide customers with a comprehensive selection. Then, add issues for accurate diagnosis and streamlined service. Finally, manually input pricing information in the pricing editor for each combination of device models and issues to ensure transparency and clarity for your customers.

Option 2: Automatic Setup via Repairdesk Integration

It offers a seamless integration with Repairdesk, automating much of the setup process. Brands, models, devices, and common issues are effortlessly imported from Repairdesk, saving you valuable time and effort. Simply copy and paste the provided iframe code onto your website, allowing customers to book appointments with ease.

To Enable Sync with Repairdesk, Navigate to Settings in Appointments Pro and turn on the "Sync with Repairdesk" option.

NOTE: If you have configured Sync with Repairdesk, manual editing of brands, models, devices, and issues from Appointments Pro will not be possible. To update this information, you can make changes directly within the desired category in Repairdesk, and the updates will automatically reflect in Appointments Pro.

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